Allison DuBois

Arguably one of the most famous mediums of our time, Allison Dubois had humble beginnings in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a medium and an author who has been publishing books since 2005.

Early Life
Allison DuBois was born in 1972 and attended two local high schools in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. She got her GED at 16 and went to college at Arizona State University. She graduated from there with a B.A. in political science and a minor in history. During college she had an internship at the district attorney’s office in her hometown. Since the age of 6, Allison DuBois has claimed that she could speak with the dead. This interest in communicated with the souls of the deceased grew and in college she was part of many trials and tests to test her psychic ability. The University of Arizona studied psychic phenomena and mediums and Allison participated in those studies.

Professional Life
In 2005, Allison DuBois was part of a study with the VERITAS Research Project that wanted to prove her psychic abilities. The director, Gary Schwartz was very impressed with her and her abilities. He claims that she was able to accurately describe a recently deceased friend of his. DuBois also made claims that she contacted the late husband of a woman who lives in England. The woman later read the transcript, and was pleased. She said that at least 80% of what DuBois said was true. Schwartz, of course, was thrilled by this and used it to prove the existence of psychic abilities. His work was published as a book called “The Truth About Medium”.
DuBois claims that she can communicated with the dead and connect them with those that are still living. She also has worked with some police departments and with juries during criminal trials. Some of the most famous law enforcement agencies she has worked with are the Glendale, Arizona police department and the Texas Rangers. Although these times in her life are important to her and to her appearance as a medium, those two police departments now deny working with her on any cases.
Her most famous work is on the case of the Baseline Killer, but not because it worked out well for her. Most of her predictions that were to lead to the killer and to his arrest turned out to be wrong. This was a blow to her personally, but hasn’t seemed to have affected her career much.

The author of four books about mediumship, Allison DeBois is considered a well published expert on the subject. Her books are “Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye” (2005), “We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us” (2006), “Secrets of the Monarch: How The Dead Can Teach Us About Living a Better Life” (2007), and “Talk To Me – What the Dead Whisper in Your Ear” (2011).

Medium the TV Show
The TV show Medium aired from 2005 through 2011 and was based on DuBois’ book “Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye”. Created by Glenn Caron, the show bears a close resemblance to DuBois’ life. It was met with both criticism and acclaim, and was one of the first shows to catapult mediumism into mainstream popularity. Patricia Arquette stared as Allison DuBois in the show and was a major draw for some people to begin watching it. Of course, their curiosity and interest in mediumism then took over. This tv show quickly made psychic abilities and mediumism less of a taboo subject for many. The fact that it was on television and was discussed all over the country made it possible for people to have an open dialogue about these topics.

Allison Now
Allison currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Joe Klupar. They have three daughters together and Allison believes that all of them have psychic abilities. Her website is and she can be contacted via email or mail. Her email address listed on her website is and her mailing address is 11111 N Scottsdale Rd #205, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254. She also has a Facebook, Youtube channel, and Twitter where she is very active and interacts with her fans. She doesn’t specifically say if she’s taking on clients, but does seem to be working regularly, so your best bet is to contact her and speak to her directly.

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