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Chicago-native Caroline Myss is a spiritual specialist whose primary focus revolves around the little-known belief of archetype readings and sacred contracts. Archetype readings are all about discovering your life missions, which are determined by the Sacred Contracts – defined as important contracts or promises that our souls made before our mortal bodies were ever born. Myss’s infamous energy healing system revolves around the ideology that if our souls stray from their paths, our bodies will suffer from physical illness. If you take a quick look around Caroline’s website,, however, you’ll see that while it may be her specialty, archetype readings are far from the only thing she does.

Professional Career

Caroline Myss began her journey to a world renown spiritualist and mystic as a journalist. In 1974, she received her bachelors degree in journalism from the Indiana Catholic college of Saint Mary-of-The-Woods. Years later, in 1982, she began to delve into the world of medical intuition, and not so long later paired up with Dr. Normal Shealy. The pair would co-write two books together. One of these was entitled “Aids: Passageway To Transformation.”

As a solo author, Myss released one New York Times best seller after another, slowly earning an even better reputation for herself in the world of holistic medicine, and spirituality. The first of these best sellers was an intriguing book that provided a map of the soul by combining the beliefs of three different religions. By combining the Christian sacraments, the seven Charkras of Hinduism, and the tree of life of Kabbala, Myss shows readers the many different stages of the human soul on it’s journey through time in “Anatomy of The Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power Healing.”

Two years after “Anatomy of The Spirit,” Myss released, “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.” The book delved into a new idea that Myss termed ‘woundology’ – an idea that the body will heal itself if the soul is first healed. The idea is similar to that of Chakras, or soul balance.

Myss’s 2002 release began to delve into the ideas she would later be known for, as a book discussing life purpose. Easy to understand information on how to find your life’s purpose, as well as how to align your soul to it’s ultimate design, led “Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential” to become another best seller.

2003 saw Caroline breaking away from the private sessions she had been giving, and led her to found the Caroline Myss Educational Institute (CMEI) in her Chicago hometown. It is here, along with business partner David Smith, that Myss began offering weekend workshops. These workshops covered her books, as well as the subjects covered in them: soul healing, Sacred Contracts, readings, and more. Caroline continues to hold workshops at her Institute to this day, and information can be found on her website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

After founding the CMEI, Caroline went on to release two more divine teaching titles. In 2007, she released a book entitled “Entering The Castle,” which is strongly based upon the writings of a 16th century nun by the name Saint Teresa of Avila. In 2009 came “Defy Gravity, Healing Beyond The Bounds of Reason.” The title delves even further into the topics of holistic and divine healing, broadening the scope and understanding of her readers.


Although the majority of individuals have found Caroline Myss’s teachings to be helpful and innovative, there are always those who do not agree. One of those people was Michael Shermer. In his book, “The Skeptic: Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience,” Shermer declares that Myss has no evidence for her claims, as her energy system can not be proved. He also goes on to state that she has no proof of her intuitive diagnostic abilities, and that her holistic philosophy ideals are unsubstantiated.

Another individual who has criticized Caroline Myss’s theories is paranormal investigator, Joe Nickel. He claims that Myss has offered no proof of her abilities, and that she has “many traits associated with a fantasy prone personality.”


If you wanted to contact Caroline to find out more about her work, or to learn what she has to teach, there is a form on her website. She is currently still holding workshops and seminars, both in Chicago at her institute, and at varying venues worldwide.

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