Chip Coffey Biography

Chip Coffey is an American psychic and paranormal medium that has gained wild popularity and success on numerous television shows and radio programs. Coffey has had wide spread success traveling the country assisting many with readings and contacting loved ones who have passed on.

Discovering Abilities Early On

Chip Coffey was born on August 24, 1954 in Elmira, New York. Coffey is the great grandson to acclaimed Native American medicine woman, Minnie Sue Marrow Foster. Coffey also claims to be related to the famous General Robert E. Lee and Thomas Coffey an actor that was known to work with John Wilkes Booth.

Chip Coffey began his career as a traditional therapist after receiving degrees in both Counseling and Psychology. Coffey had a successful career in counseling for years before moving into the entertainment industry where he began to expand upon his clairvoyant gifts.

Coffey discovered his psychic abilities very early on in life when he first started to make predictions by being able to tell when there would be a telephone call and who they would be. Coffey’s family and friends were extremely supportive of his abilities and was encouraged to him to explore and refine his abilities.

Helping Others

The discovery of his gifts early on in life prompted Coffey’s interest in helping other children to hone their own psychic abilities and he began to look for ways encourage and promote children clairvoyants.

Coffey began to work with A&E’s television series Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. The series sent Coffey’s popularity soaring and he began to work with other clairvoyant series such as Paranormal State and began to receive media coverage on programs such as Good Morning America and Larry King Live.

Coffey wanted to be able to help more than the children that he was able to work with on the A&E series, so began to write a book in attempts to reach more psychic children. His book, Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving-and How Others Like Me Can Too was released in 2012 with success.

Expanding Abilities and Career

Coffey’s clairvoyant career has not been limited to the assisting on psychic series and has utilized a number of his abilities in a variety of ways. Coffey has claimed to be able to predict future events with exceptional accuracy since very early on in life. Later in life, Coffey claims to have curated the ability to speak with the deceased after his father died in 1986. Since then Coffey’s ability to connect with the deceased has expanded to his abilities to be able to sense and feel ghosts and other spiritual beings.

Chip Coffey says that he hears and sees messages through an indescribable form of communication that would be difficult to understand in the traditional sense of communication.

Coffey travels the country meeting fans and believers looking for answers about their future, and about loved ones that have passed on. Coffey has been met with some skepticism and was reported to have been caught falsifying readings after a sting operation was designed to expose the psychic celebrity. The Bay Area group who works at exposing fake claims, planted themselves in the audience with prefabricated false stories of pretend loved ones to see if Coffey would take the bait and perform a false reading. Coffey gave the planted fake audience members false readings on the loved ones that did not really exist.

Even though Coffey was exposed for giving these false readings, he continues to tour and perform large scale readings today. Coffey is currently touring with upcoming events booked throughout the upcoming year.

Getting a Reading by Coffey

Touring isn’t the only way that believers can receive a reading form Coffey. The multifaceted clairvoyant still performs a number of paranormal and psychic readings operating out of his Georgia home offering telephone readings to thousands world-wide. Coffey’s services are so sought after that there is a sixty day waiting period to receive a reading from Chip Coffey. For an upgraded price, an urgent reading can be performed by Coffey with a wait time of 30 days. Coffey offers personal future prediction readings, spiritual contact readings and combination readings at a greater charge.

Bookings for Coffey’s services can be made through his website

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