Danielle Egnew

Born in 1969 in Billings, Montana, Danielle Egnew is well known in the entertainment world. Throughout her career she has worked in film, radio, television, and music as both a performer and a producer. While quite accomplished in these areas, Danielle Egnew is also a self-proclaimed psychic. She has displayed a propensity for the supernatural and paranormal since she was a small child, even surprising her parents with her ability to accurately describe a deceased family member.

Active in multiple musical genres (alternative rock, pop, rock, folk, industrial, and country) as a triple-threat singer, songwriter, and producer, Egnew performed mostly with the group Pope Jane and the duo Backseat Bordello. She became the co-founded of a record label known as Tin Star Records, in 2011, and currently is an owner in three different record labels. Composing a lot of amazing music, she has written scores for film as well as music that appeared on television shows.

Egnew attended both Eastern Montana College Theater and Musical Theater at the University of Arizona, after which she applied her knowledge and passion of acting to her appearances on the screen and stage. Her best known work was done on “Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting”, a paranormal documentary that discusses the paranormal activities and the past of the haunted Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast located in a small town in Washington named Kalama.

Danielle Egnew took her paranormal passion to the internet in 2006 when she launched a website called “Haunted Playground”. A short four years later, this website was discovered and she co-hosted a paranormal radio show with Sheena Metal. This show was called “Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal and Danielle Egnew” and also had a companion website that went along with it. It was here, on this radio show, that Danielle Egnew was able to discuss all things paranormal with her co-host and with people who called in. Going beyond this radio show, Danielle Egnew is now a regular contributor to the show “The Sheena Metal Experience”, another well known and loved radio show. This is a daily show that often has Danielle Egnew calling in to talk with the host, Sheena Metal.

Egnew is a founding member of the Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance. She is valuable in this capacity, working on ghost hunting teams, as well as providing information in cases. She is known to accurately profile perpetrators in certain crimes and has worked on abduction cases as well as violent crimes. Her clairvoyant gift has allowed her to make multiple predictions, including horrible accidents like plane and train accidents, even the Iraqi war. Her family includes a number of people who also have supernatural gifts, possibly due to having both Lakota and Cherokee blood in her past.

It should come as no surprise given Danielle Egnew’s extensive background in radio, television, and film, that she would appear playing herself in some of these mediums. She played herself in an episode of “Missing Peace” – a series about cold cases. She also did consulting work for other television series. These paranormal themed shows had her as a content consultant. “America’s Psychic Challenge” and “Supernatural” have both used her talents.

An avid writer Egnew began writing her own blog in 2011. It is located at calltolight.org. On this blog she is able to share her thoughts about her interests in the paranormal as well as in the extraterrestrial. Just a year after starting her blog, Egnew wrote a book to discuss her experiences with the paranormal. 2012 was a banner year for Danielle Egnew – she received two honors for her paranormal work from UFO’s and Supernatural Magazine: named Top UFOlogists of 2012 as well as the Psychic of 2012.

Danielle has an active and well updated website that can be found at http://www.danielleegnew.com. She is on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook as well. Her email address is danielle@danielleegnew.com and her mailing address is listed as c/o Ave Vow Entertainment, 15021 Ventura Blvd Suite 843, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She has a partner of eight years.

In Los Angeles Egnew provides a much needed service to her clients – Spiritual Advisor. Her clients range from personal to professional, including celebrities and international clients.

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