Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina really catapulted to fame back in 2005 – 2006, mostly piggybacking off of her then husband’s incredibly successful self-help blog.

In the early days of her career as an “intuitive counselor”, Erin was predominantly known as an editor and a frequent contributor to her husband Steve’s blog and she dealt with some of the more “touchy-feely” subjects that Steve wasn’t quite comfortable tackling on his own just yet.

However, after 2009 Steve and Erin decided to part ways with a very amicable divorce (they both have shared on their own blogs that they are dedicated to coparenting and are very happy with newfound friendship that they have been able to establish with one another) and Erin has become a decidedly much more vocal and more influential member of the astral and intuitive counseling guide community.

The author of more than 800 different articles (each of which are available 100% free of charge on her blog, and always will be available 100% free of charge according to Erin) as well as a book on astral projection that has been read by hundreds of thousands of people already, Erin is definitely one of the most well-known members of the community right now and continues to produce top-notch content and personal readings to assist those looking for answers in a world that is filled with questions.

Operating out of Las Vegas (where she spends time coparenting with Steve and making sure that both of their two children that are available to take advantage of new experiences and opportunities as they become available), Erin also volunteers pretty regularly with the local Red Rock Search and Rescue organization and uses her psychic powers to the best of her ability in the search for those that have become lost.

While the overwhelming majority of her focus is significantly towards astral projection and communicating with other dimensions, Erin is also a paranormal investigator. Las Vegas is considered to be one of the most heavily haunted areas in the United States, especially since the area was once a major hub for Native American activity, and she is one of the most popular paranormal investigators in this section of the United States.

Personal clients have the opportunity to work with Erin on a regular basis, and her individual case study rates begin at $500 per 30 minute consultation. These consultations are really open form and free-flowing kinds of consultations, and provide Erin and her client to kind of navigate and steer the ship, so to speak, to get down to the answers of all the questions that a client brings to the table.

She is also willing to work closely and in person with those that come to Las Vegas, regardless of whether or not they are choosing to come to Las Vegas to meet with her specifically for if they are simply in town. It’s always a good idea to visit her website ahead of time and take a look at her calendar to be sure that time will be available, and Erin makes sure to recommend that interested parties put in reservations as early as they are able to so that they can secure the time that works best for them.

Erin is not only the author of one of the most popular astral projection guidebooks in the community (a book that has been in continuous print since early 2008) but is also the author of a number of other books – digital e-books and MP3 audiobooks – that deal with the afterlife and a training program to help individuals raise their vibrations to overcome negativity almost immediately.

Currently in the works are digitally available classes that will be provided through her website to assist those from all around the world get the kind of training and assistance they are looking for without having to pay for individual consulting. These courses are really geared at unlocking the psychic power all of us have latently inside of us, and it’s really become Erin’s passion to find ways to unleash as much of this power in has many individuals from around the world as is physically possible.

In the meantime, visitors to her website will always be treated with completely free content, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon!

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