George Anderson

George Anderson

Describing himself as the world’s most frequently scientifically tested psychic on the planet (and perhaps the most often scientifically tested psychic throughout human history), George Anderson has been sharing his gift with the world for more than 40 years yet somehow remains relatively low-key in the psychic phenomena community.

At the age of six, George was put through a near-death experience stemming from a nearly fatal illness, and from that moment on have the unique ability to communicate directly with spirits on the other side. This is the same kind of “origin story” that a lot of the most influential psychics throughout history have, and the common thread is definitely something that lends a lot of credence to his unique abilities.

Unlike a lot of other psychics that have a difficult time communing with spirits on the other side, George Anderson reports that he is able to hear spirits on the other side with crystal like clarity. On top of that, he’s also able to provide a lot of closure and a lot of peace to spirits that have already passed and not just individuals that are still here in the mortal coil struggling with those that are no longer with us.

Dedicated to bringing peace, calmness, and understanding to those that are moving through the grieving process, those in the medical, scientific, and religious community all agree that he is the “world’s greatest living medium” and a man with a reputation in some of the most anti-psychic communities as a very real deal.

Over the last 40 years, George has worked with more than 35,000 people to provide communication interfaces with those in the living realm and those that have already passed on. Researchers in a variety of different medical and scientific arenas have put George through the “test” in more ways than anyone could have ever imagined, all in an effort to disprove the abilities that he claims to have.

All of them – ALL of them – have come up well short of disproving the unique abilities and talents that George continues to display on a daily basis. Scientific researchers are absolutely baffled at what he’s able to do, and those in the medical community have absolutely no fundamental or tangible understanding of the talent that George has put on display but all agree that something really, really special is happening here.

In 1982, George was the first psychic medium ever to appear on a weekly television program. The program, Psychic Channels, completely transformed the way that people look at the paranormal community and is considered to be one of the most influential steps forward the paranormal community has taken in the last hundred years or so.

In 1987, his very first book “We Don’t Die” was the very first book written by a psychic medium in human history to reach best seller status, and it is still in continuous print today more than 30 years after it was first published.

In 1990, George decided to answer the critics that were doing their level best to debunk the psychic community by agreeing to submit himself to any and all of the rigorous tests they chose to put him through. Not only did George succeed in successfully navigating each and every one of those tests, but he has continued to submit himself to regular testing – and continues to succeed – baffling critics and encouraging those that want to believe the world over.

Perhaps the most influential of all of the modern psychics in the paranormal community, more than 100+ well-known psychics today credit George with getting them to really make the most of their talents. Referenced in more than 300+ books, the subject of numerous television movie programs, and a regular contributor on news shows and investigative reporting specials every single year, this is a man that has led a very public life as a medium without ever diluting or discrediting his unique talent and ability.

All told, his books have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide, his television shows have been watched by millions all over the world, and his website is visited by hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people each and every single month. He continues to serve in every capacity possible, and hopes to do so until he eventually joins those that he has been communicating with on the other side.

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