Irene Hughes Was a Notable American Psychic

The late and great Irene Hughes was known for her psychic powers and she was born in 1920. Before she passed away in winter of 2012, she built a strong and positive reputation by appearing on popular USA television programs and radio programs.

She gave psychic readings to some major celebrities and tycoons of her day, including Hollywood actress, Eva Gabor and reclusive business mogul, Howard Hughes. Hughes lived in Crete, Illinois and she specialized in uncanny psychic predictions.

For example, she correctly predicted a blizzard which hit Chicago during January of 1967. This accurate prediction helped her to become more respected, even by skeptics. She was profiled by Roger Ebert in a Chicago newspaper. During the interview, she predicted the blizzard and she also made some political predictions which proved to be correct, one of which was that Lyndon B. Johnson would not run for President after his first term as President ended.

As well, she predicted the passing of Howard Hughes.

Hughes grew up on a Tennessee farm and didn’t settle in Chicago until she married. Her spouse worked for the Ford Motor Company. Irene decided to go professional as a psychic during the late 1950s. Her predictions and style were similar to those of Jeane Dixon and she and Dixon were often compared.

Hughes respected Dixon but felt that Dixon’s predictions weren’t as reliable as her own. Perhaps Dixon disagreed. Anyway, the two female American psychics were probably the most famous of them all and they were rivals, but had no acrimony towards one another. Dixon was probably more famous, overall.

Career Highlights for Irene Hughes

Irene rose to fame by appearing on TV and radio. Her predictions and readings were the foundation of her fame. She was renowned as a very accurate psychic. She also gained acclaim because rich celebrities who could hire any psychics that they pleased chose her for their readings.

Hughes was a popular and frequent guest on the Merv Griffin Show. The popularity of the TV program definitely contributed to her own fame and Merv seemed quite entertained by the psychic’s talents and predictions. It’s safe to say that millions of Americans learned about Irene Hughes while they were watching The Merv Griffin Show, which ran for years and got very high ratings.

She passed away while in long-term care at an Illinois State home for the elderly. The article that Roger Ebert wrote about her in the Chicago Sun-times was assuredly a career highlight. Many people read that particular journalistic profile of her and then began to look for more predictions of hers.

She was also featured several times as a panelist on the 1970s TV show, Beyond Reason. This show hosted a range of clairvoyants, palm readers and astrologers and the program had a two-year run near the end of the 1970s. It was produced by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

There is no official website for the late psychic. However, a lot of information about her life and times is available online, including a Wikipedia page and an IMDB page. Her passing was covered extensively in the media as she was definitely one of the best-known American psychics of all time.

There is an article about Hughes’ passing at the official website of the late Roger Ebert (www. She will go down in history as “America’s most accurate psychic”. Irene came a long way from her beginnings, when she was born Irene Finger on a farm. She was the 7th of 11 children and it’s believed that she inherited her psychic gifts from her mother, who was part Cherokee. Her mother also did psychic readings for interested parties.

Now that you know more about the background and achievements of one of the great USA psychics, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of Irene Hughes’ legacy. She brought psychic readings into the mainstream, just as Jeane Dixon did, and she was able to relate to Americans via their preferred mediums, including newspaper, radio and television. Since she was willing to put herself out there in public, she made psychics in America easier to relate to. She probably won over more than a few skeptics during her reign as one of the country’s most gifted psychics.

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