Jane Fryer

Sometimes referred to as “the most gifted medium in the world” and “able to connect with the dead in the most profound ways”, Jane Fryer is passionate about the natural elements of yoga and art of astrology. Her biography is full of adventure, travel, and healing records that draw others into want to learn more about her gifts and experiences. Jane Fryer is the type of woman that understand the importance in peace with nature to ensure peace with oneself. She considers Mother Nature her mentor, though many others consider her a powerful mentor to them and others. If someone is interested at all in understanding yoga or meditation, Jane Fryer is one to know and study under.

Jane Fryer formerly founded Inward Bound, a program that unites yoga with nature (her two major passions as previously discussed). Inward Bound is a retreat that mixed the physical and spiritual techniques of yoga, Pilates, and dance with beautiful locations and settings out in the world. Jane or other qualified professionals take the retreat members on a journey through nature and through the inner self. Members experience levels of tranquility and peace while learning to be mindful of the stillness of Mother Earth. Jane created the program and ran it from 1994 to 2008. She had huge success with Inward Bound retreats, having the program featured in large magazines and journals such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time-Life’s The Powers of Healing, LA Times, Washington Woman, and others. Jane was recognized of one of twelve women that contributed greatly to women’s wellness and fitness. She did, however, relocate to explore a new life journey for herself and her pets in an even more still arena of the universe.

Jane Fryer relocated to the beautiful monkey-filled country in Central America, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The beauty is unmatched in this luscious land which truly explains why adventurous Jane would navigate that way. In Costa Rica she continues the practices of yoga.

A yogi is one who practices yoga, but Jane is arguably so much more than that. She practiced and taught yoga for over thirty-five years. She is certified in multiple practices and has excellent credentials through the Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica. She is also advanced in astrology and healing. Jane still offers workshops, trainings, and astrological readings. There are currently two upcoming workshops offered by Jane at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort and Harmony Healing Center. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is a lovely paradise in the foothills of Nosara, Costa Rica- an ideal place to experience serene relaxation and rejuvenation. Harmony Healing Center thrives on providing treatments for restoration and soothing therapeutic experiences. Jane Fryer is also offering multiple trainings coming soon. February 20th through February 26th, 2017 she is offering a Five Day Restorative Yoga Training. The rate is $500.00. The training offers 25 NYI credit hours towards post graduate NYI 500 status. This training is located at Patitos Studio in Central Guiones. Two other upcoming trainings are still in the works with details soon to be released. Alchemy, Archetypes, and Ascension will be a 200 hour yoga training, while Breakthrough Breathwork & Restoratives is yet to uncover the hours offered, though it has been released that it will be led by Jane Fryer and Ashley Ludman in Nosara during the month of September 2017.

To register or find out more information for these workshops, trainings, and other offerings you can visit Jane’s webpage at http://www.janefryer.com. The webpage is an awesome place to view gallery photos of Jane and her passions, as well as learn more about Jane’s practice and unique talents. Jane can be reached at 506-8876-3694 (Costa Rica) or 202-738-4149 (United States of America). Her Skype name is ARISINGGODDESS and her email is ARISINGGODDESS@GMAIL.COM. She can be found on Facebook at Jane Fryer. You will find many political activist posts on her Facebook, as Jane is very active in these agendas.

It seems fitting to end this biography of Jane with a quote that really sums up her mission and practice. “In this 24/7 world, time for stillness and resetting the nervous system is not optional, but essential.”

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