John Edward

John Edward

Perhaps the world’s most famous psychic medium, and a man that is not only garnered millions and millions of fans from all around the world but also his fair share of controversy, John Edward has to be one of the most recognized and influential people in the entire psychic phenomenon community.

At a very young age growing up on Long Island, John was described as very “special” by members of his family. John himself didn’t fully understand what was happening to him or the amazing gifts that he was able to take advantage of, but he was able to share information with family members about specific bits of family history and events that had taken place before his birth – and was doing so well before he ever could have fully understood or grasped exactly what he was passing along.

Unlike a lot of other psychics around the world that eventually “breakthrough”, John had a family that encouraged him to really develop and channel his gift as much as he was able to. Psychic phenomena was very much embraced by all of his core family members, and not only did they appreciate the fact that he had fantastic talent almost from the moment that he was born, but they also did absolutely everything they could to foster that talent and provided room to grow.

John developed new skills and new abilities all on his own – completely independent of any outside source – right up until he was about 21 years of age. After he turned 21 he noticed a tremendous strengthening in his abilities, and decided to seek out world-famous psychic Lydia Clar for more guidance and assistance.

Lydia not only worked closely with John to better understand his abilities and his unique talent, but also provided him with critical skills and mentorship that allowed him to develop those talents into a power for good. She was the one that encouraged him to create as many channels as possible to reach out to those that didn’t possess quite as powerful a talent to assist them in any and every way possible. John continues to credit Lydia as acting as the rock solid foundation that really helped him become the international force that he is today.

Over the last 25+ years, John Edward has worked to establish himself as a trusted resource for those that wish to communicate with the other side and those that have already passed. He wrote his first book on the subject all the way back in 1998 (an instant bestseller), and was given his own television show on the sci-fi channel in 2000 and a new show on the We TV channel in 2006 (this show continues still today).

Crossing Over with John Edward (the nationally syndicated television show in the United States from 2001 to 2004) quickly established John as a tremendously powerful force in the world of psychic phenomena. His show was later rebroadcast in the United Kingdom, and even though the show concluded in 2004 he was awarded a new television show contract in March 2006 – and this show continues on today.

As highlighted above, John Edward is not without significant controversy.

Because he has decided to take advantage of the full extent of his power and his gift, John has a very upfront, very honest, and very blunt delivery – there is no sugar coating here. A lot of people really respond favorably to this kind of approach (especially those that are so desperately seeking answers to questions that are unanswerable anywhere else), but some also find this delivery to be a little bit brash, a little bit “phony”, and even reminiscent of a con man.

The controversy and criticism hasn’t slowed John Edward down even one bit. The author of eight best-selling books about psychic phenomena, and influential keynote speaker at events all over the world, and the kind of mentor that works individually with those that hope to unleash their own psychic abilities the way that Lydia Clar assisted him, it’s difficult to imagine the modern global psychic phenomena community without John Edward today.

It’s still possible to attend in person events with John, and those wishing to participate in his television program can send messages to the producers via his website.

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