John Holland

John Holland

John Holland is one of the foremost spiritual mediums in all of the United States, and has been so successful assisting others better understand the spiritual universe, alternate dimensions, and contacting deceased loved ones that he has branched out around the world.

A best-selling author, TV host, and now a syndicated online radio show host as well as a working psychic medium for more than 20 years, Holland is considered to be amongst one of the most influential professional spiritual mediums of the last 50 years and continues to influence the community today.

Born into a very strict Irish Italian Roman Catholic home on the East Coast, Holland wasn’t able to fully embrace his unique spiritual and psychic gifts as a child even though he was aware of the fact that he had gifts that were there to be taken advantage of. Repressing his psychic abilities throughout much of his childhood, it wasn’t until his teenage years when a near death experience in a car accident near Los Angeles triggered a flood of abilities that made it impossible for him to continue to resist his gift.

Fully embracing who he is, who he could become, and his mission to assist as many as he could and provide them with the comfort that they deserved, Holland decided to enroll at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for psychics and mediums in England.

Spending more than 10 years in England really developing his skills and interfacing in working with a significant portion of the global medium community, Holland returned to the United States and began to assist private clients with spiritual readings, astral projection, and communicating with those that have already gone beyond.

The author of more than five books (all of which have gone on to enjoy best seller status), Holland has really taken the time to hone his ability and grow his talent with the help of other psychics and spiritual consultants around the world.

Working diligently to break through the mainstream that projects of these kinds of unique abilities, Holland was able to capture the attention of the History Channel where he developed a television program known as Psychic History for the network.

Acting as the host of this program, two episodes made air but the show was eventually canceled for further development after the History Channel received complaints and threats about the abilities that Holland professed to have – and then physically demonstrated – on these programs.

Frustrated with the way that the mainstream media handles psychic abilities and those that show the world their gifts and talents, Holland then went on to host the Spirit Connections online web radio show where he can be found these days every Monday between 3 and 4 PM Eastern time.

Holland also has a tremendously active online community that can be taken advantage of through the website that he runs and organizes with business partners. Numerous events are held by Mr. Holland throughout the world each and every single year, and individuals are encouraged to participate in these group events before they take advantage of individual readings or group reading sessions.

Should clients wish to participate on a more personal and individualized basis, individual client readings, readings, and workshops are available to be taken advantage of.

Those that wish to hone their own psychic abilities, their own psychic skills, and their own ability to channel the other realms that exist all around us will be able to participate in workshops led personally by Holland. He remains one of the few influential members of the psychic community that still tutors and mentors individuals in really unleashing their own individual power and bringing their gifts to the world.

A keynote speaker at conferences, universities, and organizations around the world, businesses and groups from across the globe higher Holland to speak to their team members to get a better understanding of the world beyond, our purpose here, as well as critical strategies that can be taken advantage of to make the most of the always limited time that we have available.

Those interested in purchasing any of the programs or books provided by Mr. Holland have the opportunity to do exactly that through his website. Mobile applications are also available for those with smart phone and tablet devices.

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