Learn About the Life and Times of Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue writes books and the focus of these non-fiction books is folk psychology. She is also a motivational speaker and has founded a company called Angel Therapy. This company offers therapy services with a New Age vibe.

She believes that people may heal from all kinds of trauma via communication with angels and those who seek out services which are delivered by the Angel Therapy company believe that they are actually communicating with angels.

Doreen was born in late April of 1958 and she enjoys a successful career as a medium, author, therapist and motivational speaker. She is also quite passionate about proper diet and writes about it often. In addition, she’s an “anti-vaxxer” who believes that children benefit from not getting flu shots.

While she hasn’t made famous predictions, many believe in her therapy services and their spiritual power. Her views on nutrition and vaccines are quite controversial, if not unusual. She has been married and divorced four times.

Virtue Has Had Many Career Highlights

Since she started her career as a psychic decades ago, Virtue has moved from strength to strength in terms of gaining fame, money, admiration and status. She has stated that she developed clairvoyant abilities when she was a young girl and her psychic powers are something that a multitude of people believe in. They are the ones who buy her books, go to see her speak and listen to her views on nutrition and vaccines.

In terms of career highlights, she’s very prolific as an author and she’s written dozens of books, including Angel Therapy, which was published through Hay House in 1997, and Flower Therapy, which was published by Hay House during 2012. Her oracle card decks are also very popular with New Age fans and the latest deck, Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, were made available to interested customers during 2008, via Hay House.

She has also released one album, which is called, Chakra Clearing.

Until 1995, Virtue hung out a shingle as a psychotherapist. She specialized in helping those who were suffering from eating disorders. She has a lot of academic credentials, including a two-year degree from Antelope Valley College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Since she does have a strong background in therapy, it’s quite easy to see why her books and oracle cards resonate with customers. Her academic background and relevant work experience allow her to assist people with a host of problems.

By combining her education and counseling experience with New Age, psychic elements, she has created a unique personal brand which is like no other. She is committed to providing materials which help readers and card users to find guidance, support and peace of mind.

How to Find Her Online

Doreen has a strong online presence. Her official website is http://www.angeltherapy.com and it’s a great place to find out about her philosophies, methods and products. She may be reached for readings at HayHouseRadio.com and she also has Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Connecting with her online is actually quite easy. These days, psychics and other New Age experts are often very accessible via social media platforms and Virtue is no exception.

Virtue’s personal image is quite fairy-like. She flowing hair, an innocent look and a penchant for embellished, ethereal dresses and delicate jewelry. Her image is feminine, non-threatening and nurturing. Her personal image is used quite prominently in order to promote her brand.

During 1996, she made a life change by embracing veganism. According to Virtue, the money that she earns from her clients is passed on to a sanctuary for animals which is located in scenic Hawaii.

Virtue is not her maiden name. Rather, it’s the last name of her second husband, whom she is no longer married to. Virtue’s maiden name remains a mystery.

Now that you know more about the life and times of Doreen Virtue, as well as where to find her via the Web, you’ll have gained a lot of insight into this fascinating and extremely successful psychic, author and speaker. Virtue shows no sign of slowing down, so her affiliation with Hay House is bound to produce a lot of new resources in the future.

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