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Born Linda Ann Moulton in 1942 in Boise, Idaho, Linda Howe studied English Literature at University of Colorado before pursuing at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. She is a well known and highly celebrated documentary film maker as well as an investigative journalist. Her work on ufos and conspiracy theories is well known. She also believes the the United States government is in cahoots with aliens. Howe currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Personal Life
Linda Ann Moulton got married in 1968 to Larry W. Howe. Although the marriage ended in 1986, she has a daughter from it, named Laura Kathleen Howe.

Focus on Environmental Issues
Before delving into conspiracy theories and working on UFOs, Linda Howe focused mainly on environmental issues. In fact, she was on staff with the TV station WCVB-TV when they received an Institutional Peabody Award. Before that she worked in Denver, Colorado with KMGH-TV as the Director of Special Projects. While there she oversaw the completion of multiple documentaries, including “A Radioactive Water”, Fire in the Water”, “Poison in the Wind” and “A Sun Kissed Poison”. Her work focused on pollution, contamination of drinking water, and using hydrogen in place of fossil fuels for for sustainable energy.
Her work took a turn for the supernatural in 1980 when she worked on and released “A Strange Harvest”, a documentary about extraterrestrial beings harvesting organs for research and survival. She believed and expressed in this documentary that the strange markings and wounds on cattle in the United States can be attributed to visitors from space. In 1981 this documentary won an award: a Regional Emmy. After this award Howe began to be even more firm and outspoken about her beliefs. She claimed more and more about secret government coverups regarding aliens visits and was a strong believer in conspiracy theories. She claimed to have been shown evidence that proved her theories, although she could never back up that claim with evidence.

UFO Investigator
Howe prefers to label herself as a producer and investigative reporter even though she has been hailed as the premier UFO investigator. Her work focuses around the unexplainable – crop circles, alien abductions, and cattle mutilations. She has produced a lot of UFO related programming in an attempt to educate the public on what she sees is a real issue. Some of this work includes “UFO Report: Sightings”. This work originally appeared in 1991 but actually became the basis for the television series “Sightings”.
In 2013 Howe appeared on a panel at a UFO Disclosure press event. Although many people believe what she is saying and think that aliens are real, she has received some backlash and skepticism from others who think that her research is bunk. She has been interviewed on both television and radio and has appeared on the well known History Channel show “Ancient Aliens”.

Linda Howe Now
Although she has been met with quite a bit of skepticism from some people, Linda Howe has stood strong in her beliefs and thinks that it is her duty to educate others about visits from the extraterrestrial as well as government conspiracy coverups. Her online presence is huge and allows her fans to connect with her easily. She is responsive to people reaching out to her and has a lot of contact information available on her websites. Known and loved by many as an inspirational speaker and amazing teacher, she wants her voice to be heard.

It stands to reason that somebody as accomplished as Howe would have some books that they have written and published. Her self-published work includes “Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms” (1989), “Glimpses of Other Realities” Volume 1 (1993) and 2 (1998), and “Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles (2002).

You can find Linda Howe and contact her online through multiple websites. These are as well as and She is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as a Youtube channel. An email address is listed as and there is a mailing address available for her: P.O. Box 534, Oak Park, IL, 60303. Her phone number is listed as 708-771-5830. A link on makes it easy to schedule a consultation with her.

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