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Birmingham, England native, Lisa Michelle Williams is known around the world as a self-proclaimed medium, psychic, clairvoyant and healer. She has had a profound impact on the lives of thousands of people with her mystical abilities to reach out to loved ones who have passed.

In Her Blood

Williams says she began to see spirits when she was very young, not realizing she was interacting with people that had died. She seems to have inherited this supernatural gift from her grandmother, the popular British medium, Frances Glazebrook. Lisa also believes her mother and aunt probably had the gift as well. In the beginning, her beloved grandmother was the only one in her family that seemed to believe what she was seeing was real, and not the overactive imagination of a child. This was especially true of her father, who is still skeptical today.

Sharing Her Gift

Lisa Williams did not open up about her rare abilities to anyone, other than immediate family, until her grandmother passed away in 1996. Once she did begin to share her secret, she was met with acceptance from some and skepticism from others, as is expected by any clairvoyant. The believers began to talk, and it wasn’t long before she had a large enough following to become a full-time psychic medium.
Lisa began traveling all over England and eventually ended up traveling to the United States, mostly for personal reasons, but also to showcase her unique talents. Williams felt the U.S. was more openminded to the work of psychic mediums. This is when she was introduced to the great Merv Griffin, who changed her life forever. Mr. Griffin was impressed with her ability to speak to those on the other side, deciding to help her market herself publicly.

Professional Television Career

With the help of Merv Griffin, Williams was able to host her own show Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead. Her first series was aired on the Lifetime Network for two seasons from 2006 – 2007. Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side, her second television program, premiered in 2008. She also appeared on one episode of the popular game show Deal or No Deal in 2008. Lifetime Network later brought Williams back for a guest appearance on the series America’s Psychic Challenge. She has also been interviewed by Oprah, Larry King, Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America hosts. Her reality TV shows were popular among viewers and now air internationally.

Lisa Williams – The Author

Williams has penned a few intriguing reads you will want to check out. Life Among the Dead is a memoir that explains what life has been like existing among spirit beings. The book gives you an intimate look into her life as a medium, wife, mom and television personality.

The Survival of the Soul gives an intriguing insight of what life is like on the other side. Williams uses various ways including, psychic readings, meditation and her own personal brush with death, to channel into the journey of one’s soul through the different stages of afterlife. She discusses her belief in reincarnation, that death is only a transition into a world beyond, one that we should not fear.

I Speak to Dead People, Can You, is William’s latest best-selling book that is designed to help those that can communicate with spirits develop their skills. She teaches those interested to be more sensitive and recognize the signs that you are surrounded by loved ones that have passed.

Where is Lisa Williams Today,

Williams resides in Southern California with her son Charlie and two beloved dogs, with no plans of returning to UK (to live) anytime soon. In 2012, she became an ordained minister of the Universal One Church. She continues to do private readings to help people connect with their loved ones. Williams also has an international tour where she teaches spiritual development courses. She has even started her own spiritual development school, the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

Information regarding Lisa Williams, her events, readings, books and courses can be found on her personal website The popular psychic hosts her own radio show every Wednesday afternoon on You can also connect with Lisa on her personal Facebook page

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