Matthew L. Fraser Psychic Medium

Matthew L. Fraser (July 8, 1991) is a world renowned psychic medium and media personality that hails from New England. While Matt is considered young compared to his colleagues, he already has an astounding career having done thousands of readings around the world. He has been referred to as a talented psychic with an uplifting sense of humor.

The Early Years
Matthew Fraser can remember having supernatural experiences around the young age of 4 years old. It is believed his psychic abilities were passed down from his maternal grandmother. As one can imagine, seeing and hearing spirits while so young was quite scary and overwhelming. He was also fearful of not being accepted, or considered “normal”. Fraser was in his teens before he actually starting realizing this was his calling. God had a plan for him and he was ready to figure out exactly what His plan entailed. This is when he let his guard and finally began to open up about his gift. It didn’t take him long to become one of the world’s most respected psychic mediums, this is evident in his standing-room-only shows.

Sharing His Gift
All psychics and clairvoyants experience skeptics and critics, but Fraser no longer lets this bother him. He travels around the world mesmerizing sold out audiences with his unique ability to communicate with those from the other side. He has a passion of reconnecting individuals with loved ones who have passed. It is important to him that they realize death is not something to be feared. Fraser also has made it his mission to inspire others by encouraging them to accept and embrace all the blessings that life offers.

Professional Career
Matthew Fraser has been featured on television shows such as Fox News, NBC Morning News, Better TV Connecticut, ABC News, Coast to Coast, WWLP Morning News, and many others. Fraser was also featured CBS Radio, Lite Rock 105 and in The Herald News. He continues to be showcased on major media outlets on a regular basis.

The popular psychic wrote the bestselling book “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability”. This guide helps people who feel they have the gift learn how to channel your abilities of being able to connect with spirits. Fraser offers plenty of tips and techniques for discovering and utilizing your psychic abilities.

What is Matthew Fraser Currently Working On,
It seems Matthew Fraser is constantly busy traveling for his live shows, making public appearances and giving private readings – and that’s the way he likes it.

He also offers online spiritual seminars that are available for download for those looking to seriously explore their psychic abilities. Fraser guides you through the steps to understanding, developing and using your own intuition. You will learn how to know what the signs and symbols you receive from beyond represent. He stresses the importance of being open minded and accepting of your gift so that you may communicate effectively.

Matthew Fraser is not just a clairvoyant, he has huge heart and kindred spirit. He spends many hours each month volunteering his time and helping out with events and fundraisers that benefit a variety of non-profits. Organizations like Suicide Prevention, Alzheimer’s Finding a Cure, National Cultural Diversity Awareness Council, Forever Paws Animal Shelter, Westpoint Vietnam Veterans, Pawtucket Fireworks Fundraiser and Dana Farber via Pan America Mass Challenge have all received funds from Fraser’s “Medium with a Message” events. He feels it is his duty to pay it forward and make the world a better place in any way he can.

As if Fraser doesn’t have enough on his plate, he also has a jewelry collection he helped to design. Each piece has a significant spiritual meaning that helped guide him to create the unique jewelry. You can view and order these on his personal website. Upon purchase, you will receive a letter of certification from Matt himself.

Connecting with Matthew Fraser
If you are interested in information regarding live events, private readings, classes or his jewelry line check out his website You can also connect with the amazing psychic on his official Facebook page If you are interested in watching Matt performing live readings, make sure you visit his official YouTube page

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