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Maureen Hancock is a woman with numerous credits to her name. She is an author, Holistic healer, and intuitive teacher. From her website,, Maureen offers information on upcoming events, and workshops. The current Boston native is best known, however, for her work as a Spirit Medium. Individuals throughout the world have come to her, seeking help in connecting with their loved ones. Although everyone has the ability to tune in to their intuition in order to communicate with those who have passed from this life, Maureen says that some have a stronger natural ability than others.

It was at the tender age of five when Maureen first realized that she could speak with the deceased. Having come from a long line of legendary Irish mystics, she was no stranger to the strange and otherworldly. A fear of being judged or made fun of by her peers – who hadn’t been raised in the beliefs and understandings she had – forced Maureen to suppress her gifts.

When the September 11th tragedy of 2011 struck, however, Maureen’s sixth sense was flooded with messages from the victims seeking help with assuring their loved ones, finding those still possibly alive, and numerous other things. It was during this period that Maureen came to terms with her gift, and set upon her life’s destined path in not only helping individuals communicate with their loved ones, but in teaching them how to open up their own sixth senses.

With her life’s calling in mind, Maureen has spent the last twelve years helping others with opening up their sixth sense, and teaching them how to listen to their intuitions. She has done great work in breaking apart the mysteries surrounding death, and what comes next.

What Is A Spirit Medium Exactly,

Before we continue on with the many accomplishments of Maureen, some may be wondering what exactly a spirit medium is. Essentially, a spirit medium is an individual who has the ability to communicate with people who have passed from this world to the next through their minds (i.e. telepathically). These messages may come through as words, but they are often feelings or visual impressions – like symbols, or scenes. As a medium, an individual is able to understand the messages, however they come through.


Maureen has been interviewed by numerous members of the press, and has appeared on dozens of talk shows, documentaries, and videos. In addition to others, Maureen has been a recurring guest on the Ricki Lake show, and is in the process of garnering support for her own talk show. Maureen has also taught her intuition workshops to many people, including law enforcement personal, members of the medical community, and financial experts.


“Flexing The Intuitive Muscle” is a CD created by Maureen to help people understand just how much intuition can help in your everyday life. According to Maureen, listening to your intuition can help in areas of your life like your family, your career, friendships, and love life, by giving you deep inner guidance. Also included in the CD is information on how to release your abilities in order to reap these many benefits.

“Grief Relief” is a CD meant to help those trying to cope with the loss of a loved one. The CD answers important questions many have about life after death, as well as guided meditations to help you open up to the messages of your loved ones.

“Spirit Communication Made Easy” is Maureen Hancock’s communication class on a disc. It takes you through guided meditations, and teaches you how to open up your energy centers. By opening up these energy centers (much like the Indian idea of Chakras), Maureen explains you will be able to clean your mind and receive messages much easier.


Maureen Hancock wrote an autobiography of her life, which she titled “The Medium Next Door: Adventures of A Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.” The book details Maureen’s life, from the first communications with the spirits of the deceased at age five, all the way up to where her life was at the time of publication.


Due to the high volume of requests, Maureen Hancock has put a temporary hold on accepting new clients for personal readings. If you wanted to contact her with questions, however, there is a form to do so on her website. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

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