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Michelle Whitedove is a celebrity psychic whose abilities have had her named ‘American’s #1 Psychic’ by Lifetime TV. Michelle is also the first to have her abilities tested on national television, as well as through other means. Speaker, and author, Michelle also won first place at a competitive reality television show called “American’s Psychic Challenge.” Michelle is so spiritually strong in her intuitive abilities that she claims not only to speak to the deceased, but also to her guardian angels and spirit guides. She claims this is what offers her such clear, accurate information when giving her messages.

It was when she was eighteen years old that Michelle first learned of her intuitive powers. Involved in a fatal car crash in which members of her family perished, as well as friends, Michelle had a near death experience. This experience led her to see the glory that is the afterlife, and she has since been able to connect easily with it. Now, Michelle is a highly acclaimed Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, clairsentient, empath, medium, and health intuitive.

What Does It Mean,

You may question what many of those things mean- all of those things that Michelle is able to do. Before we delve further into more about Michelle’s life and works, let’s take a moment to clarify what it is she actually does.

As a Clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient she sees visions, receives feelings, and hears the words of those who have passed to the other side. As an empath, she takes on a person’s feelings and physical being in order to fully delve into the spiritual realm for some of the most accurate messages. All of this in whole encompasses the work she does as a medium.

As a health intuitive, Michelle is able to see past the outer physical and use her sixth sense to see what is ailing a person, both physically and mentally. At times, she is even able to ask her guardian angels and spirit guides for help in healing a person, while at other times Michelle is only able to advise a person to seek treatment. It is out of Michelle’s hands as to which happens, but rather in the hands of the spirits, who offer the allowance of healing with Michelle as a medium.


“Ask Whitedove: Spiritual Advice From American’s Top Psychic” is a collection of psychic insights written by Michelle Whitedove. The book offers advice on a wide range of difficult subjects, such as how to free yourself from doubts, overcoming worrying, opening up your sixth sense, what happens when we die, and why on earth are we here, Michelle draws upon her own wisdom, as well as the unbound wisdom of numerous spirits to come up with her answers.

Michelle has also written a book for children, entitled “My Invisible Friends.” In the book, she explains that children who have ‘invisible friends’ – and let’s face it, that is nearly all children at some point – are actually referring to their Guardian Angels. As a young child, people have not yet had a complete separation from the other world. They are still pure, and innocent, which allows them to see their Guardian Angels where those of us who are fully grown often cannot.

“Ghost Stalker: A Psychic Medium Visits American’s Most Haunted Sites,” and “Ghost Stalker Two: A Psychic Medium Visits Europe’s Most Haunted Castles” are books which detail Michelle’s ghost hunting adventures. By traveling to some of the most haunted places in both America and Europe, Michelle was able to make contact with some of the most widely seen and talked about “hauntings” – i.e. ghosts. She shares their stories in her publications, along with her stories of her visits.

Other books written by Michelle Whitedove include “Angels Are Talking: A Psychic Medium Relays Messages From The Heavens,” and “She Talks With Angels: A Psychic Medium’s Guide into the Spirit World.”


Michelle Whitedove can be contacted through a form at her website, http://www.michellewhitedove.com. For personal readings, she can be reached at her office by phone at 954-981-2828. She is currently accepting new clients and books appointments both over the phone and in person. As she travels frequently, she can make an in person appointment almost anywhere, so long as it coincides with her predetermined travel plans.

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