Psychic Sally: London’s psychic to the stars

Sally Morgan (also known as “Psychic Sally”) is a British medium and psychic. She is best known for being the medium of Princess Diana and other celebrities, which led people to call her “The Psychic to the Stars.” Aside from numerous TV guestings and TV specials that showcase her ability to communicate with the dead, she also runs a website where her personally-trained Psychic Team can answer your questions.


Sally Morgan was born in Fulham, a borough in southwest London. She discovered her psychic abilities very early, and even has memories of seeing her first ghost when she only four. He appeared to her often, and in an interview she candidly shared that she would get into trouble for shutting herself up to talk to him for many hours. She did not find this unusual, and was never frightened. She actually found comfort in being able to befriend and talk to her special friends.

Sally Morgan believes she inherited it from her grandmother Gladys, who had a reputation in their small town for being a medium. She was even known as “The Witch of Fulham.” Her mother knew and supported it, and took her to a meeting with Spiritualists where she met famous medium Joseph Benjamin. He told her she had a powerful gift and encouraged her to master it and use it to help others.


Initially, Sally Morgan only gave readings to friends and family. By word of mouth, her clientele grew. The turning point was when a friend introduced her to Princess Diana, who was intrigued by psychics and the paranormal. Sally and the princess grew close, and she served as her psychic consultant for four years. This opened more opportunities as Hollywood celebrities and recording artists (no doubt part of the Princess’ inner circle) began to consult with her as well.


Sally Morgan’s reputation grew, and she started appearing in special documentaries that showcased her skills as a medium. This included “Sally Morgan: Star Psychic” which ran in ITV2, and “The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan” on the Sky Bio channel. This was followed by a spin off, “Psychic Sally: On the Road.” Compilations of the episodes are available on DVD.

Sally went on to write books, including an autobiography “My Psychic Life” and two books on her thoughts on the after life (“Life after Death: Messages of Love from the Other Side” and “Healing Spirits: How the Other Side can help your grieving heart”). She also runs a blog, ( where she keeps her fans abreast on her tours and TV appearances, or shares interesting stories.


Sally Morgan conducts tours around England and Ireland, where she talks about the afterlife and then has “live readings” with some members of her audience. Many are left amazed by her ability to guess the names of family members – in one instant, she was not only able to give the name of someone’s ex husband at also the woman he eventually left her for. This led Sally (who is known for her vibrant and funny personality) to joke, “It’s like psychic Jeremy Kyle in here!’


As with any popular psychic, Sally Morgan’s work attracts both glowing testimonials and criticism and controversy. There are those who say that she had an uncanny way of knowing details of their loved ones that nobody else could’ve guessed, and that the messages she passed on gave them great guidance and peace. On the other hand, there were controversies where critics speculated that was being fed information. In 2011, The Guardian ran an article that quoted “witnesses from a Dublin show who overheared a male from the control room giving her lines that she repeated on stage. Sally sued the newspaper for making unfounded claims, and was awarded £125,000 in damages.


Sally Morgan runs an official website,, where you can arrange for psychic readings with her team. This includes a live chat, a psychic text message, or a psychic email. The website also sells her books, DVDs, and merchandise like an official T-shirt and butterfly bracelet.
For those who wish to have a personal consultation with Sally Morgan herself, the best method is to attend her tours. The tour dates and cities are also found on her website.

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