Sonia Choquette Is a Renowned Spiritual Guide

Sonia Choquette is a world-famous spiritual guide who writes books, offers psychic readings to clients and espouses the concept of developing and relying on the “sixth sense”. To date, she’s written nineteen non-fiction books which are best-sellers worldwide and which focus on the sense of inner transformation which comes from using the sixth sense for personal growth, creative growth and intuitive awakening.

Her most acclaimed book is The Answer Is Simple, which appeared on the New York Times best-seller list.

Sonia was born on October 8, 1957. There is quite a lot of information about her available at an array of online resources, including her official website, At present, she is committed to guiding people all over the world towards the divine and towards more satisfying lives. To date, her books have been published in more than forty countries and they have been translated into thirty-seven languages.

Clients from all over the world come to Sonia in order to gain assistance and soul satisfaction. Her skills and natural gifts allow her to assist persons and companies. It’s all about transformation which leads to more personal power.

Learn About Sonia’s Background

Sonia began guiding others in a spiritual sense when she was just 12. She believes in the power of intuition and she’s used her own since girlhood, in order to assist others with connecting with their true selves. She’s the mother of two daughters who are named Sabrina and Sonia and they use guidance and spiritual coaching themselves, in order to help others. Clearly, they are following in their mother’s footsteps.

In young adulthood, Sonia attended two notable post-secondary educational facilities. One was the Sorbonne, which is located in Paris and the other was the University of Denver. At present, she hosts a radio show each week which is called Six Sensory Living. She also has a valid membership in the Transformational Leadership Council.

Discover Her Career Highlights

Sonia is a best-selling author. Her most famous work, The Answer is Simple, just scratches the surface in terms of her achievements. As well, she’s a strong proponent of philanthropy and she has offered spiritual guidance to South Africans, via workshops which were arranged through Hay House, which publishes her works all over the world. During these workshops, she helped a charity, (NOAH) Nurturing Orphans with AIDS for Humanity. As well, she does a lot of other charitable work and also spearheads funding for charity work globally.

Her spiritual and psychic gifts have definitely been recognized. For example, during 2012, she was given a Leader of the Year award. It was handed out by the Global Holistic Psychology Association. As well, she received an Exceptional Human Service award, via the 1st Global Parliament of Human Spirituality. This award was given to her in India.

At this time, Sonia is a resident of the Windy City. She enjoys living in Chicago, while also traveling frequently. Her spare time is spent on a range of interesting hobbies, including art, design, Yoga, Pilates and fashion. She also enjoys playing her piano and doing a little dancing. Sonia is married and her husband’s name is Patrick Tully.

How to Find Sonia Online

If you want to learn more about Sonia’s best-selling books, or arrange for a consultation with her, you should drop by today. It’s really the best place to find out everything about this world-renowned psychic and spiritual guide.

Sonia has been featured on major news networks, such as NBC, ABC and CBS. She has also been showcased at the Huffington Post website and at Glamour Magazine.

She sells courses online which allow interested persons to develop their own intuition. When you take one of these courses, you’ll hone any psychic abilities that you have and you’ll also gain a greater understanding of your inner voice and how learning to listen to it will benefit your life in every area.

Now that you know more about this impressive and beloved psychic and spiritual guide, why not read one of her books today, or take a course which was created by her, She’s got a great reputation for authenticity and her work is designed to help everyone harness the power of the sixth sense.

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