Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is a world renown author, sixth sensory consultant, and transformation visionary guide. With an incredible nineteen books, all of which are International best sellers, millions (perhaps billions) people worldwide have looked to Sonia’s teachings. Her journey began at the tender age of twelve, when she began to establish an unshakable wholeness, and began her life’s calling to guide people in listening to their intuitions. Today she is blessed with two daughters, Sonia and Sabrina, who have followed in their mother’s footsteps to become spiritual counselors and coaches. In addition to life’s teachings and a natural passion, Sonia possesses a doctorate from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She prides herself on continually trying to learn and improve upon her knowledge base.


In addition to fundraising and charity work in the United States, Sonia Choquette helped to found the charity, Nurturing Orphans With Aids For Humanity (NOAH). This project, as the title states, assists orphaned children with aids in Africa. Sonia has donated both time and money to the project.


In 2012, Sonia was awarded ‘Leader of The Year’ by the Global Holistic Psychology Association, as well as an ‘Exceptional Human Service’ award by the First Global Parliament of Human Spirituality in Hyderabad, India.

International Best Selling Books

“Uplifting Prayers To Light Your Way” is a compilation written by Sonia that includes 200 invocations for challenging times. The book serves as a seed of hope during suffering, allowing reader’s souls to achieve their highest potential, even in the worst of times.

“Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You To Fulfillment and Flow” is another guide published by Choquette. The book details how to get in touch with your intuition or ‘sixth sense’ in order to be happy. Like many of her books and teachings, the book’s core theme surrounds the ideas that your intuitions are keys to staying on your soul’s path.

“Ask Your Guides” is a unique publication in which Sonia Choquette teaches her readers how to get in touch with their spirit guides. Spirit guides are purported to be spiritual beings who are sent to guide you on your life’s path, assisting you with difficult decisions, and helping you to regain your rightful path should you stray.

“The Answer Is Simple: Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit” is a book detailing the ten simple steps you need to take in order to make a connection with your authentic self. This connection, in turn, allows you to understand your soul-deep truth and reason for being here on earth. Once you understand your reason for existence, a happier, more fulfilling life awaits you.

“True Balance” explains the ideology behind soul balance. Sonia has chosen to explain this in terms of the seven chakras. These chakras are centers of energy positioned throughout the body. Each one is linked to specific physical, mental, emotional, and social ailments. When a chakra is unbalanced or ‘blocked,’ those ailments come to fruition. Holistic practitioners believe the path to physical healing lies in balancing the chakras, and thus, healing the soul.

“The Intuitive Spark” is a guide for the holistic practitioner on how to bring the idea of intuition into their homes, children, and family. It details how to include this ideology in your everyday life, as well as how to explain it to children and other family members.

“Trust Your Vibes” and “Trust Your Vibes At Work” are detailed guides on how to pick up on your intuition. Sonia explains the subtle hints that tell you your sixth sense is picking up on something, and how to follow through with those ‘gut feelings.’

Other best selling books by Sonia Choquette include: “Walking Home,” “Diary of A Psychic,” “The Time Has Come,” “Vitamins For The Soul,” “Your Heart’s Desire,” “The Psychic Pathway,” “The Power of Spirit: A Guide To Joyful Living,” “Traveling At The Speed of Love,” and “Grace, Guidance, & Gifts.”

Other Offerings

In addition to her books and readings, Sonia offers several card decks, audio programs, and even online courses through her website to help her clients achieve their highest spiritual potential.


Sonia can be reached through her website,, or by telephone at (773)989-1151. She is still taking clients, but only does soul readings over the telephone, having given up in-person interviews many years ago.

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