The Psychic Twins

Linda and Terry Jamison are a pair of practicing Buddhist twins collectively referred to as the “psychic twins.” Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the two now live and work out of Los Angeles, California.

In addition to working as psychic counselors for both individuals and businesses through their website (, the twins are some of the most documented psychics in all of history. They have over 1.5K correct world predictions – a number that most other psychics do not even come close to reaching. Linda and Terry claim their powers come from their ‘twintuition’ – a term they coined for the way the two work together at a high spiritual level to make their predictions and use their gifts.

In addition to three internationally best selling books, and a vast number of accurate predictions, the twins also have the fastest growing YouTube channel in history. The channel was formed only recently, and in the six months since release they have already garnered over 500,000 followers and millions of views.

Famously Correct Predictions

With close to two thousand documented correct predictions, it would be impossible to list everything. Linda and Terry have, however, predicted some of the biggest historical events of the modern times. Most notably, the twins predicted the September 11th, 2001 attacks on both the Pentagon and World Trade Center. These predictions were made in 1999, broadcast live on ‘Art Bell’s Coast To Coast AM’ – an internationally broadcasting radio show.

While several other psychics have claimed to of predicted the infamous 9-11 attacks, there are numerous disasters which were predicted only by the twins. Most of these predictions were also aired on live broadcasting stations, but even those which were not have been thoroughly documented by the twins via video, written notes, website posts, and more. The amount of documentation they do allows them to have a solid foundation on which to make their foretelling claims – something that many other mediums have failed to do in the past.

The twins also predicted:
-the terror attacks in Paris, France during 2015 and Belgium during 2016
-the rise of ISIS
-terrorist attacks taking place in Orlando, Florida (including the gut-wrenching LGBTQ club massacre)
-the Lufthansa airplane crash
-the massacre during a theater showing of the “Dark Knight”

Tragedies carried out by humans are not the only things this duo predicts. The stock market crash of 2000 that would begin America’s economical crisis, and the horrifyingly widespread natural disasters of hurricane’s Sandy, Isaac, and Irene, were also foretold.

On a brighter note, the psychic twins were able to accurately tell who every one of 2009’s Oscar winners would be. They even foretold 2016 would as the year Leonardo DiCaprio would finally win an Oscar – an event virtually infamous and long over due.


In addition to being featured on hundreds of television programs, and dozens of radio stations, Terry and Linda Jamison have published three New York Times best selling books, and are currently working on a fourth publication.

The twin’s first book, “Separated At Earth: The Story of Psychic Twins,” is an autobiographical novel detailing the twins lives. It talks of when they first figured out what they were capable of, how their ‘twintuition’ works, and details some of their more famous predictions.

“Psychic Intelligence: Tune In & Discover The Power Of Your Intuition,” is an easy to understand guide published by the Jamisons that instructs readers on how to tune in to their own intuition. The twins state that every person has the ability to foretell the future, but that most people simply haven’t gotten in touch with that sixth sense.

The twin’s latest publication, “Died Too Young,” is also their best selling. The book details out after-death interviews with celebrities and icons who have already passed to the other side. Celebrities include: Lady Diana, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Natalie Wood, John Lennon, Gianna Versace, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Nicole Brown Simpson, Cory Monteith, and Steve Irwin.


Terry and Linda Jamison can be contact through their website. Although they typically offer their personal readings through this site, they have unfortunately put a temporary hold on accepting new clients. This is because of the high volume of individuals still awaiting their foretellings.

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