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Theresa Caputo is Long Island’s most famous medium. Teresa is a feisty little firecracker. She maybe small in stature, but she has a huge personality. She is known around the world for her thick New York accent, big blonde hair and amazing ability to talk to those on the other side. As one of the most recognized psychic mediums, Caputo has received both praise and criticism for her work.

How It All Began
Theresa Caputo could sense the spirits around her from a very young age, but it took twenty something years for her to actually learn how to communicate with them. She was coached by a spiritual healer to use her gift, after seeking help for overwhelming anxiety. Once her teacher taught her to channel the spirits by utilizing her chakras and releasing blocked energy by using her words. The debilitating anxiety that she had been suffering from began to subside. This when her healing really started and she developed as a psychic medium.

Sharing Her Gift
Caputo was born and raised on Long Island, she has been a lifelong resident of the small town of Hicksville, New York. In the beginning, she didn’t like to tell others that she was speaking to the dead. Many of her peers would laugh at her, causing a lot of grief.

It took the love and support of her husband and guidance by her spiritual healer to make her really embrace her gift. It was only then she began to share her secret with others and really feel complete.
Long before her rise to fame, she built her reputation by word of mouth via satisfied clients throughout the Northeastern United States. While nervous during those first years, she knew this was her calling.

Professional Career
The reality show Long Island Medium made Caputo a household name. It was the brainchild of her good friends, Victoria and sister Courtney. Victoria knew that she had the charisma to make it in show business. Today, the Long Island Medium is one of TLC Network’s most popular shows. It showcases Caputo’s everyday life, which includes being a wife, mother, daughter and clairvoyant medium. Theresa is known to walk up to complete strangers letting them know their loved ones are near and using her to contact them from beyond.

When she is not filming her show, Caputo travels around the country performing live in “Theresa Caputo Live The Experience.” These shows are extremely popular. Packed houses wait anxiously with the hopes that their loved ones will send them some sort of message assuring they are okay and at peace. This brings a sense of comfort and joy to many who struggle to deal with death.

Theresa Caputo can also add the title of author to her resume. She has penned two highly successful New York Times best-sellers. There’s More to Life than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight from the Other Side (2013) and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life Changing Lessons from Heaven (2014), were both greatly anticipated reads that did not disappoint. She is also planning the release of her third memoir, Good Grief, in March 2017.

The Controversy
Every self-proclaimed psychic, medium, healer, clairvoyant or person of the like knows to expect criticism. Caputo is not immune, but she manages to keep her upbeat personality despite the naysayers. She has received negative responses from both the general public, and members of the spiritualist community. Some have flat out called her a fake. All in a day’s work for a psychic medium.

The Long Island Medium film crew has been accused of editing events so that it appears she is channeling the spirits, when actually, she is using cold reading techniques. There have been some very public challenges that doubt her abilities as a medium, including an investigation done by the television show Inside Addition.

What is Theresa Caputo Up to These Days,
Caputo is an extremely busy woman. Her private readings are booked out beyond three years at this time. When not filming, traveling with her live show or doing readings, Theresa spends as much time as she can with her husband Larry, two children and beloved fur babies. She says she will always live on Long Island, with no desire for the big city life most stars crave.

Information concerning her live shows, private readings or books can be found on her personal website You can also connect with the medium on her official Facebook page

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