Zak Martin: the psychic of Scotland Yard

Zak Martin is a renowned British psychic profiler and expert on ESP (extra sensory perception) and hypnosis. His ability to help the police – including Scotland Yard – in unsolved crimes was the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone” which was later made into a movie and TV series. A 2013 convention named him “The World’s Best Psychic”.


Paul-Zachary Martin was born in Dublin, Ireland. From the very beginning, it was clear that he had a very gifted – some would say eerily powerful – mind. Despite not having any musical training, he could play any instrument with incredible skill. But he was not just a musical prodigy. It seemed that he could read minds and predict the future, and his powers of clairvoyance and precognition only grew stronger as he grew up.

Zak Martin took up Psychology at Dublin’s University College, but on his own he studied and sharpened his abilities. He got media attention for his chess-by-telepathy games and demonstations of hypnosis. Even before graduating he wrote a book “How to Develop your ESP” (Harper Collins Press). The book became a global bestseller, with over 2,000,000 copies sold all over the world. It was translated into 18 languages, and continues to get five-star reviews on Amazon.

In the book, Zak revealed concrete tips and clear instructions on how to develop one’s psychic abilities – presumably techniques that he had used on himself. It was critically acclaimed by the editors of Prediction magazine, Hot Press, Light, Psychic News, New Dimensions and other industry publications. To this day, it is considered a classic in the Spirituality and New Age genre.


Zak Martin’s psychic abilities proved to be eerily accurate when he started helping the police investigate crimes in the United Kingdom and Ireland. He was called in as a consultant for the Brittas Bay Murder, the kidnapping of Shergar (a famous race horse), and several missing people cases such as the infamous disappearance of Philip Cairns. The media — normally quick to pounce on psychics as hoaxes – were left astounded by his skill. “I didn’t believe it myself until I saw Zak work,” said one reporter from The Independent.

Those who interviewed Zak Martin also noted how very pragmatic and matter-of-fact he could be while taking on a case. He was not a showy or theatrical psychic. However, he could command attention with his piercing eyes.


The Scotland Yard wasn’t his only client. Zak Martin became the psychic consultant of many celebrities, politicians, businessmen, and even royalty like Princess Diana. He opened the London Psychic Centre, which housed a team of psychic advisors and organized lectures and workshops on mental and spiritual skills. The centers received nationwide attention and attracted thousands of visitors per week – including Hollywood personalities and business tycoons.

He also established The Holistic Health Clinic in Rathmines, Dublin which focused on training people not just in ESP but natural therapies. He later launched The Holistic Network in Spain, the country’s largest network of therapists, retreats, and training programs that explore the mind-body connection and promote wellness and spirituality. There are also plans to develop distance-learning courses.

Today, he runs the Zak Martin Centre, which offers many self-development and motivational courses that can be applied in any situation. While these courses are still grounded on mental skills, they are complemented with other concepts such as body language training, interpersonal skills, and creativity. Some of the courses are sold as “retreats” that include tours and accommodations in a luxury resort or hotel. Other workshops showed practical applications of mental skills, such as using hypnosis to quit smoking. Details of the latest tours are posted on his official website


Zak Martin has many interests beyond the field of ESP and mental skills. He continued his early childhood love for music and plays blues and jazz guitars – often performing in intimate venues to an audience who don’t even know of his global reputation as a leading psychic.

He writes songs and books, paints, and even has a black belt in Shotokan karate. He eventually moved to Granada, Spain and opened a real-estate company and set up a website for tourist information. A very private man, he typically refuses interviews unless he finds the story concept to be interesting and intelligent.

Despite shying away from media attention, Zak Martin continues to be known as one of the world’s most famous and influential psychics.

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