Zibia Gasparetto Is a Famous Brazilian Psychic

Zibia Gasparetto was born in Brazil in 1926 and she rose to fame due to her psychic ability. She was a part of the movement known as spiritualism and she wrote about the movement extensively. This Portuguese-speaking psychic is married to Aldo Luis Gasparetto. She is the mother to four children. Her psychic abilities were revealed to her in 1950, when she awoke during the night and began to speak German, although she had no prior knowledge of the language.

After this strange happening, her spouse purchased a book on a spiritual topic and the couple began to delve deeper into spiritualism. He husband had more time to devote to learning, as she had children to care for. However, she learned with him once per week and quickly developed deeper knowledge and understanding.

Until she woke and began to speak German, she was not interested in spiritualism. She realized at that point that she had a gift and that it must be understood and utilized in order to help others. While she, like most psychics, does have detractors who don’t believe her accounts or that some of her works are written by spirits, many do believe and this is why she continues to publish, decade after decade.

She is one of Brazil’s eminent authorities on spiritualism. She and her husband have devoted their lives to spiritualism and to sharing information about spirits and psychic phenomena in general. Her strong social media following proves that many do care about her work and like to keep tabs on her and what’s she’s up to. Since she is 90, it’s safe to say that she has built a body of work which is large and meaningful over her lifetime and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Though she doesn’t have famous predictions on her resume, her written works continue to entertain and inspire and to expand the horizons of readers. She helps them to actualize spiritual growth.

Learn About Her Career Highlights

After the education phase was complete, her writing career began in earnest. She worked on her first effort, which became a novel known as O Amor Venceu. This translates to, “love won”. Once the work was completed, she had her spouse show it to a respected professor that he knew, who was employed at Sao Paulo’s University. He liked it, as spiritualism was also an interest of his.

After he saw it, things moved quickly and the book was accepted by a Brazilian publisher, Editoria Lake. What was unique about the manuscript is that is was signed by Lucius, who was a spirit. In other words, Gasparetto was channeling the thoughts and opinions of the spirit in the work.

Gasparetto also wrote a story from Lucius and created an audio book based on one of her works. According to Zibia, Lucius only comes to her for a couple of hours each evening, so this is the time period when she chooses to write. All of her work has been penned during the evening hours, when Lucius is present.

Since 1958, she has continues to produce a host of books. She’s quite prolific in that regard. Some of her books are written by spirits and some contain her own thoughts and musings. Other notable works from this author and spiritualist include Un Amor de Verdade, which was penned in 2004 and her latest work, So o Amor Consegue, which was written in 2013.

She Has a Public Presence

To promote her work, she does public appearances, such as book signings, and also maintains a social media presence. For example, she has an official Twitter account, @zibiagasparetto, which she launched during 2009. She currently has over fifty-three thousand followers on the Twitter social media platform.

You may also find Zibia on Facebook, at the following url address: https://www.facebook.com/zibiagasparettooficial/,hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

Her many books are available at this website, which features Portuguese text – https://www.estantevirtual.com.br/autor/zibia-gasparetto

Zibia is a vibrant ninety-year old woman who continues to be passionate about spiritualism, after decades of its practice. She is committed to sharing her views on this New Age topic with a host of fans worldwide. She has one child, who is now grown and may carry on her legacy in the future.

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