5 Real Twin Flame Stories!

Some people may be unfamiliar with what twin flames are. Many think of it as another way of saying soul-mate or even “the true love of your life”. They are two beings who share halves of the same soul, who are drawn to one another and who form the deepest union that you can imagine. Their souls and energy are like two small flickers that create a massive fire of love and passion when they unite. Not everyone will find another flame to create such a fiery bond with, though that does not mean that non twin flame couples are any less happy. Twin Flames have ties beyond the normal physical realms and form richly spiritual unions. The following passages are about five happy Twin Flame couples who were able to come together. Following the summaries are links to the full story.

#1 Love finds a way: Katy’s story.


A young woman at Uni becomes friends with an attractive young man who seems to be everything she could dream of. Her heart is drawn to him and he is able to open her up in conversation like no other. She feels a connection there that she cannot fully describe, but sadly, instead of acting on her true feelings and amusing things would happen naturally tragedy befalls. He goes to Thailand for his gap year and then must fact the difficulties of his father’s death. She does not see him again, assuming he had left to take up the family business. Some time later after she had finished her studies, she begins chatting with someone online. Eventually, as they begin to feel more and more compatible and sense the beginnings of a real bond, they decide to meet. They began texting and planning out the details of the encounter, and then to her sudden dismay he left her last question unanswered. Fearing she had been simply put off and feeling frustrated, it was about a week before she discovered that she had not sent her last message. Working up the nerve, she decided to give him a direct call and explain what had happened. In Katy’s words: “When I heard his voice, I recognized it immediately, but I just couldn’t believe it. It was my hot boy from uni, my one and only that I thought I had lost for good!”




Sometimes the flames burn too hot, even for each other.


For a violinist in Belgium, she met her twin flame and can recall even the simple clothes he was wearing. For them, it was not love at first sight, but it was an undeniable bond. She was new to the area and he was the first person she met after her audition into the school. The relationship slowly grew as they began to see more of one another during the following semester. Remaining friends for the longest time, until one day he realizes he is in love with her but doesn’t know how to deal with it and feels rejected when she takes his hint for a kiss as a joke. Things become awkward before he reveals his feelings and it begins a time in both their lives that are fraught with conflict. “Later, I realized it wasn’t nonsense at all. The problem was, my twin flame and me are exactly alike but complete opposites.”- PrincessDeficit




Her twin flame came within her dreams: Angelina’s Story


One night Angelina began having vivid sensual dreams. Beyond mere erotic fantasies that fade as quickly as they appear, these were truly metaphysical and spiritual experiences for her. As she slept beside her husband, her twin flame came to her and their spirits made love in ways that made her chakras burst with energy. After the first night she began writing a book, and each night after for the next month, while she kept writing, he kept coming to her. When she finished her work though, he vanished, and she set out on her own search to find him once more.




Sometimes the flame is too frightening: The Awakened Queen’s story.


Not all twin flames are so easily or happily united. Sometimes when twin flames find one another, either one or both will flee from the connection. It can be so deep and intense that the person’s reservations and walls do not allow them to let the connection turn into a full union. In her story she talks about the anguish and heartache of not being able to accept and the hardship of trying to cope with the loss. “When I ran from my Twin Soul, I loved him more than I loved myself, because I didn’t know how to love myself, which was one of my issues. “- The Awakened Queen.




The reuniting of twin flames can be intense and usually life changing: Caroline’s tale.


When you find your twin flame, the other half of your soul, it can be an electrifying sensation. For Caroline she describes how they both fell into one another as their eyes met. The connection was immediate and intense. They both explored the depths of their union, exploring their soul and also finding out the peculiar similarities in their lives. They had lived and been near one another at many times in their lives but had never met before. Their relationship passed an initial phase of bliss and bonding, and as they began to really explore deeper issues began to arise that started the separation. Physically they cannot be together, yet anyway, but the bond between their spirits is not going anywhere. As she describes it, “The psychological and spiritual connection to my great love is intense and profound. “




Though these are just a few stories, there are thousands more out there of people finding their twin flame. We are in a time where spirituality is being embraced and souls are searching for their other halves. In the past few years their seems to be a surge in the number of these stories, where people are discovering not only each other, but themselves.

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