Angel Number 555

The universe works and communicates in mysterious ways one of which is the use of guardian angels. Whether you believe in guardian angels or not, you believe that there is a higher power that guides and protects you, don’t you?

Well, those protectors who make you miss to catch a train that gets involved in an accident are your guardian angels. They communicate in mysterious ways and one of which is the use of angel numbers. However, for you to be aware of the angel numbers, you have to be aware of their presence. You need to understand that angel numbers are numerals that hold different meanings. They are used by the angels to send you a specific message.

To receive and understand the message sent by angels, you must understand numerology and also have a higher aptitude to understand the message.

Numbers are important, and they represent the most understood language in the universe. Numbers unite all the believers of the cosmic atmosphere and the heavens, and they are interpreted easily by people familiar with celestial practices and guides.

One of the simplest ways you are sure about angelic communication is through your intuition, or that gut feeling that something is amiss. Other people believe that the gut feeling is the angels’ way of communication and it’s only through meditation that they will receive the meaning.

What makes this even more interesting is that every angel is attributed to a specific set of number. Also, if you receive repetitive numbers, then it means a higher power and a stronger message. You can also think of it as guidance from the angels or the realms of the spirit.

So, what happens when you see a 555-like form on the sky, a single 5 or repetitive 555s on phone numbers, receipts or on signs?

All about the angel number 555

What happens when you are having issues with your love life or your finances and you start seeing the number 555 too often, or you start waking up at 5:55 every day?

In numerology and angel numbers, 5 means that you are going through a positive change and 555 means that you are going through a major change in your life or that a big change is on its way. Seeing the number 5 or the numbers 555 is the angel’s way of asking you to prepare for the change in your life.

You can also look at 555 as a validation that the change you’ve been contemplating is in the right direction and you should make a move. Think of 555 as a sign of divinely guided change. So, you should trust that you will have guardian angels watching over you throughout the change because the change is part of your soul’s path.

How else can you look at 555?

In angel numbers and numerology, you will realize that if you add up the three 5s, you get 15 which is also 6 (5+1). In angel numbers 6 represents not losing your fears about your material possessions but trusting that you will have financial support as you make the change. This reassurance is important because humans are afraid of making big changes because of the fear of the unknown as well as financial uncertainty.

Despite the fear, the angel number 555 is a sign of positive change which will bring you a great deal of alignment with your soul’s purpose. The change will also bring you more love, abundance, and vitality. Therefore, if you have been thinking about getting into or out of a relationship and you see the numbers 555, it means that you are doing the right thing and the angels are there to protect and guide you.

For those changes to unfold more positively in your life, you should stay focused on your intentions, maintain or raise your vibrations. Doing these will help the changes happen in a rewarding and a more fulfilling way.

Deeper meaning of 555

Energy of change

The angel number 555 represents the intense energy of change. It also signifies releasing old fears, baggage and past patterns that aren’t of use to you. This way, you will be lighter and able to let in more positivity, uplifting and fulfilling patterns.

Life choices

The number signifies making life choices that will serve your purpose and your path. Instead of making choices to fit in or the choices that fit into the thinking of others, you should make choices that fit your purpose.


The number 555 is also about expressing your truth and your internal brilliant and authentic light. That means personal changes and trying not to conform to others’ definitions of life and living.

It also means being adaptable, open, and willingness to learn lessons from your experience in the journey to big things.

For these, you have to take baby steps aligning more fully with your higher soul, freedom as well as your authentic vibration.

Though changes are scary, the angels want you to that the changes coming your way are good and you should be an active participant in the process. Your guardian angel is calling on you to embrace the change because the change is empowering and uplifting.

Divine changes unfolding

What happens if you notice the number 555 in the middle of major harsh and disruptive changes in your life? Well, you shouldn’t disregard the meaning of the number. Instead, you should think of the changes as divinely inspired and there to bring you closer to your authentic self and your purpose in life. So, you should let go of the old and the outdated. Failure to embrace the change will only make the change full of obstacles, challenging and full of struggles.

Relationship between hands and angel number 555

Many people believe that hands are a sign of 555 because hands have two sets of five fingers. The sets of fingers/ five can represent both success and strategy, depending on how you use or react to the numbers and the powers it holds. Hands are constructive and destructive.

Final thoughts

The Angel Number 555 signifies a new beginning that comes through change. If you believe in the power of the number, you will get a sense of happiness, joy, and eagerness for change. If you are in need of a professional, personal, positive or even a negative change, you should seek the help of angel number 555. By praying to the angel 555 and meditating in its name, you will understand the message the angel is sending you.

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