Angel Number 999

Contrary to popular beliefs, angels are everywhere. The problem is that we can’t see them and also, not everyone can communicate with the angels. Therefore, the angels try their best to communicate to humans.

Angels use numbers to connect to humans because the use of numbers is a universally understood language. When words fail, just use numbers! So, angels make use of the numbers to send messages, protect, support and guide. While there are billions of possible number combinations, angels can pass their message using specific number and patterns or number series.

This means that every number you come across, if repetitive, and if you understand the meaning of the numbers isn’t a coincidence but the universe’s way of staying in touch with you. Angels look for different ways of passing their messages across. To communicate, they use repetitive number sequences which you will see on phone numbers, license plates, receipts, mile markers or the time on the clock. They could also use your birthday, or you may find yourself waking up at the same time every day, for what may seem like no reason.

The meaning of angel number 999

Before we look at the details and the deeper meaning of angel number 999, we should first understand the basics of this angel number.

Angel number 9

The number 9 is a magic number and, there isn’t any other number capable of creating a high level of awe in its ability to maintain its integrity as the number 9 does. The number 9 always stays number 9.

It contains all the other numbers, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 (3+6=9). At the same time, if you try multiplying any number with 9, the number will reduce to 9. These and other mathematical instances show that 9 is the only number which can’t be altered, changed or manipulated in any way.

Since the number 9 maintains its integrity, it teaches you to maintain your integrity. To maintain your integrity, you have to be and to do what is true for you. You know what is right for you so, you should try do that which is right for you and only you.

Divine trilogy

As the last of the single digits, the number 9 represents the culmination of something or an ending that calls for a celebration of your achievements. In the end, you ought to focus on your achievements as well as what you have gained emotionally and spiritually as a soul.

The number 9 also teaches you to let go of the past and to celebrate who you are, as you are. It is also the number of love and compassion.

In the world of angel numbers, the angel number 9 tells you that you have everything you need to accomplish your soul’s purpose so that you can step into your lightwork. With everything in order in that part of your life, it is time for you get started on something new and to take necessary actions. You should also think of it as the end of one chapter of your life.

What does the angel number 999 mean?

Having looked at the meaning of the angel number 9 and the significance of 9 in numerology and mathematics, you should also take time to understand the meaning of the angel numbers 999 or 99.

The angel number 999 is a message from your angels. Your guardian angels are reminding you to let go of your past without reservations and with love. So, instead of judging the old you and what you did in your past, you should look at your life from a different perspective – the spiritual perspective, with awareness of the love you shared throughout your life. You should be able to send love to others and yourself. By sharing love, you open your heart to the highest available vibration, love.

Therefore, you should think of the angel number 999 as a reminder to listen to your intuition because your soul speaks to you through your intuition.

The angel number 999 also calls you to embrace the changes taking place within and around you and to get to work on your soul’s/ life’s purpose. You may not know what your life’s purpose is but being in communication with the angels will guide you there. All you have to do is to start small by taking small steps to love and to serve others. That way, you will lead a healthy and a happy life.


The other reason why you are seeing the angel number 999 is that this number is a clear message from the realms of the spirit world letting you know that you are a lightworker. It is the angels’ way of nudging you to commit to this path. You are also reminded to take the necessary steps needed to live in alignment with your authentic self.

For this to happen, you have to let go of the old and to let in the new.

Personality traits

The people who see the angel number 999 are kind, warm, positive, great leaders, and in control of their destiny. The angel number 999 brings all his power to you by letting you focus all your energy and attention on others, helping the humans race and leading others. So, while all other angels have a passion for humanitarian acts, this angel has more passion than the rest and shows love to all humankind.

Love and relationships

If you see this angel number 999, you should also consider reevaluating your relationship. Your angels are guiding you through love, and so, you should look at your current relationship. If you are in a positive relationship, the angels are using this number to encourage you to maintain the relationship.

However, if you are in a negative relationship, then your angels are asking you to release your partner and to begin something new with yourself or someone else.

The rationale applies to work, school or business.

For love and compassion, as well as the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose, you need to release any negative energy. Releasing the negative energy also gives you closure. Through closure, you realize your higher purpose, attain a higher level of spirituality and get closer to enlightenment.

Finally, the angel number 999 encourages you to express your unique and true self. It also reminds you to weave in love into every aspect of your life while basing your life on the principles of integrity, acceptance, cooperation, and integrity.

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