Angel Numbers 1, 111 and 1111

Angel numbers are symbolic numbers that pop up at specific periods in your life. They carry unique messages meant to guide and protect and support you in in life. What does it mean to have 111 or 1111 as your angel number? Why do you keep seeing these numbers? How can you interpret the numbers? First of all, you aren’t the only one aware of angel numbers. Secondly, you should be receptive rather than scared of the meaning carried by the number.

Angels communicate to humans through numbers and music. However, we are only looking at the angel number aspect today. The angel number 111 is powerful. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras was the first to establish and mention that numbers have vibrational properties. Pythagoras also established that the whole universe is mathematically precise.

Therefore, you should look at numbers with more attention. If you notice that some repetitive numbers pop up often, you should look at that as a message from the guardian angels. Unfortunately, you won’t get the message from the angels if you are in a hurry or when stressed, you have to listen in stillness and be mindful of everything happening around you. Also, the clarity of the message depends on your vibrational energy because the message is clearer when your vibrational energy is same to that of the angels’.

If you aren’t sure about angel numbers, you should think of them as a shorthand code between you and your angels.

Angel Number 1

To understand the significance of these two numbers, you have to understand the meaning of the root digit, 1. In angel numbers, 1 represents the post of an energy pathway. The higher the number of 1s the stronger the path. Another way of looking at this is that the angel number 1 works like a pillar or a column, a conduit between the physical and the spiritual realm. It represents your direct link to the divine as well as all the ideas, thoughts, inspiration, creativity, or intuition that flow through the link as a result of the connection.

What this means is that your thoughts are going through a cycle where they manifest instantly in form. Yes, you think about something and boom! It happens as you imagined. When in this cycle, you should keep your thoughts focused on your desires. You must also stay optimistic.

Number 1 also signifies confidence, uniqueness, and independence. By having the number in a sequence, the number holds more strength, and this assures you that your reality is about to change positively.

The combination with master number 11 which signifies connecting to your higher self, knowing and living your life’s purpose and your soul’s mission means that angel number 111 or 1111 signify more power. It represents enlightenment, spiritual awakening, self-expression and high energy.

Angel Number 111

Manifestation and prosperity

The guardian angel 111 symbolizes prosperity and manifestation. Manifestation and prosperity work hand in hand and with the angel working alongside you, you will feel an increase in motivation and the confidence you need to reach your goals.

The angel number 111 is a number sequence used by angels to communicate meaning. If you see 111 many times, then that is a sign of the angel’s presence. It shows that your guardian angels are reaching out to offer support and their guidance.

The angel number 111 carries a message of manifestation and your role in creating blessings in life. It is also a call from the angels for you to pay attention to your thoughts because your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs play a significant role in what manifests in your life. So, when you see the angel number 111, you should be attentive to your thoughts and do all that you can to realign your thoughts so that you stay focused on your desires.

What is the best way to do this? Just visualize releasing your doubts, fears, and worries to the angels and into the light. You should then focus on your heart’s desires and your goals.

Therefore, despite fear and negativity, the angel number 111 represents the angels’ way of telling you to align your thoughts with your goals and to stay focus while leveraging the power of positive affirmations.

Relationship between 111 and love

If you see the angel number 111, you should have love and romance on your mind. And, don’t be surprised if your thoughts become real soon after. You need to drove out all thoughts of anger, jealousy, hatred, retribution or deceit from your mind.

Angel Number 1111

Why are you suddenly seeing more of 1111 as 1111 or 11:11? Well, let’s get you some answers. 11:11 is a number of masters; 11 is a master number. When you see 1111, it means that the ascended masters are sending you a message. Whether you see 1111 as the time on the clock, part of a number plate or the total cost of groceries at the groceries store, it means that the spirits are communicating with you directly.

The meaning of 1111 depends on the where you are in your life when you receive the message. Whatever is happening in your life as well as your progress in your awakening path determine when and why you see the number.


In most cases, the angel number 1111 represents a message of oneness or unity both of which help you see, feel and better experience your connection with the angelic realm. It is also a direct guidance from the angels for you to remain positive. You may also look at it as a sign of love and support from the angels, ascended masters, your spirit guide, your spirit and your spirit team.


In other cases, the angel number 1111 represents a wake-up call or code. It is considered a key to unlocking your subconscious mind which reminds you that you are a spiritual being with a physical existence. It may also be an epiphany of some sort.

To understand the meaning of this angel number, you should take note of your thoughts at that moment because the angel number 1111 shows that your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with your truths.

1111 may also mean that you should start manifesting your true self. You can also use it to set an intention or to make a wish.

Final thoughts

The angel numbers 111 and 1111 represent a connection to the spiritual realm. Both numbers show that the angels and the ascended masters are with you. They also call for awareness and the fact that you should align your thought with your desires and dreams.


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