If you are someone seeking advice from psychics then there is a whole gamut of networks you could view and choose from. Today, we will review about AskNow psychics, one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Company Portrait

AskNow functions through a website where it promises to provide its users with the most trusted psychic readings from the most trusted psychics in the industry. Founded in the year 1995, the company has been the market leader since their inception. With over 250 psychic advisors working with them and all being 100% legitimate- the company provides one of the finest readings on love and relationship, tarot, career and goal, numerology, astrology, i-ching, dream analysis, pet psychics etc..

Their screening process explained

Psychics are people with extra sensory perception (ESP); they have an inner knowing of events before their happenings. Anyone with transcendental senses who can make predictions or speak with the spirits, see auras, sense things on a metaphysical level, are recruited as psychics there.

The company has a strict and rigorous screening process for hiring their psychic advisors. Each Psychic is interviewed multiple times, theirs skills evaluated and reviewed. Accuracy of prediction is given utmost importance.

How to contact them ?

Users can speak with psychic advisors via one-on-one online chat, a call back to the user’s directed number, or a toll free number. When you call you are asked about the type of reading you seek and then they connect you to the respective advisor.

AskNow psychics are highly qualified and gifted advisors. Top advisors are called Master or Elite as they specialize in soul connection/ love and relationship/ money and finance/ career/ pet psychic/ dream analysis and so on. Most have over 10 yrs of experience, so their readings are highly reliable. But take into accopunt, that other psychic networks such as keen are claiming that too!

Using the platform

It is very easy to use. The user can simply choose a psychic from the home page listing, click on the respective tab and browse by Advisor type, categories or price. Or one can simply call at the toll free number (1-800-227-5669).

How much is the service? Refunds? How does one pay?

Each service and psychic comes at their respective price all of which is based on ‘a per minute cost’ which varies from$6.99 per minute to $13.00 per minute. For new customers there are several inaugural offers with arate as low as $1 a minute, offering bonus time with Elite/Master.

The company offers arefund in case of ‘no satisfaction’ wherein the customer can avail one time refund or credit up to ten minutes worth of time. They also have a customer care service to meet with all kinds of queries and grievances.

Payment can be made via debit/credit/ gift cards.

AskNow is the most recommended site for psychic reading with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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