Astrological aspects of twin flame relationships

There are many astrological factors that can affect and determine your twin flame. Two key figures in the chart are Eros and Psyche. Eros is the son of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. He is important in discovering your inner most sensuality and desires. When it comes to a union as deeply spiritual and sensual as two flames coming together, it would be foolish to ignore what his place in your birth charts foretell about each other. Whereas Psyche is a figure that represents the soul. It is not uncommon for twin flames to find that they have shared many similar events in their lives.

Finding yourself so you can join with your other half

Just as in life events, the persona of both twins will often be like mirrors to the other. At times it is the extent to which the other sees themselves in the other that can cause many problems. Before joining in union with your twin flame you should know yourself and be at peace with yourself first. Understanding your astrological signs can help you in your path to finding the depths of your soul. Once you know yourself, you can also help your twin flame find themselves truly if they have not yet found that. Because of the mirroring often seen among such deep bonds, conflict will often arise when we are confronted with the things we don’t like about ourselves.

The search for your twin flame should only begin after you have complete your inner journey. If you choose to try and take the trip with them though, there are some things to keep in mind. Just because you are twin flames does not mean you will have exactly matching stars. As there is duality in all things, so to is there duality in the aspect of the twin flame relationship. The similarities are often many, but there are also aspects where you must find the balance. Hot tempers and calm composure, control versus chaos, and many other facets are not uncommonly present. Like any other relationship, be it friendship or a deeper between twin flames who make a union, there has to be give and take.

Some who are not prepared for the need to find balance and acceptance of the similarities and differences find that they can begin to feel as if they are loosing themselves. There are times when one half is more developed than the other. When this happens it can end somewhat tragically, or if nothing else can cause a lot of heartache and frustration. There are also times when one half is more naturally dominate than the other. In these times both must learn to temper their natures into a working balance that allow both to feel equal in the relationship.

How can a twin flame astrology reading benefit you?

  • When it comes to twin flames, as fiery as the relationships can be there are times when such connections are not enough. It is quite common, that when two people, who are the halves of the same soul, find trouble at times it is with the similarities in themselves. There are times where the meeting is horribly timed that makes it less than glorious for either or both involved. Taking notes of what astrological signs both of you were born under can help ease into the union as well as be more aware of possible conflicts for both of you.
  • Paying attention to the stars and what positions they are in can help you predict if your search for your twin flame. Having regular readings and minding your horoscope are good ways to seek guidance from the heavens. You twin flame is one of the most important and potentially powerful connections you can ever have. While never finding them is not the makings of a horrible life, if the chance and stars align though, it would be a truly phenomenal experience.
  • Keep an eye out for signs that signify change and unity. If you have been searching for a long time, stay keen for mention of fruition or revelation in your horoscope. Also remember that this person is the other half of your soul and that as you are drawn to find them, they will be drawn to you, even if they don’t realize it. It is not uncommon for the oldest of saying to hold true. That we often find what we are looking for when we did not realize we were looking for it.

For those actively seeking their twin flame.

A good place to begin your quest is in a birth chart. If you are too possibly find your soul’s other half in this life it will hold some good clues. They are easy to obtain and can even be ordered online, if you can not have one drawn up in person. You will want to pay attention to the usual indicators for your twin flame and soul-mate. In the house for marriage, which is opposite of ascendant to the sun, compare the signs in it with those in the seventh house, look for signs of love matching up. In this instance you want to see the rule of opposites attracting, such as orderly signs being paired against chaotic ones. Some examples of astrological opposites that you want to see in the separate houses are Ares and Libra, or Virgo and Pisces. Knowing if it has been set into your birth stars can be a good clue on what sort of love to expect in your life. Also, this page might interest you, as i’ve written a little bit about how to approach love psychic readings.

There are exceptions to every rule.

The heavens shift with everyday, stars die and fade, and while our constellations have been with us, they may one day change as well, which is the nature of the universe. Just because you were born under certain signs does not always predict what the future holds. They are more a possibility. The choices you make and journeys you take, both within yourself and outward can greatly affect your search as well. Knowing what is in your stars and your twin’s stars can help you deal with certain aspects of the other, or at least understand how better to solidify the union and strike balance between the two halves.

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