False Twin Flames: What are Energy Vampires?

In the beginning, God created time, the universe, and the seven planes of existence. He created the Physical plane and all of its dimensions, the Astral plane, the Mental plane, the Unity plane, the Spiritual plane, the Divine plane, and the Monadic plane. God resided in the Monadic plane for billions of years watching his creations grow, change and drift around in perfect harmony, but something was missing. There was no life, only the combined consciousness of everything in the planes of existence.

God, also known as the Presence, the Source, or Godhead, sent down a single spark of life to the physical plane that eventually created every living thing in our universe. Now that there was life on Earth, the Presence created souls. While everything in the universe is already connected, souls bring in their own special connections. Souls are fragmented pieces of a higher consciousness that break up on their way from the Divine plane to the Physical plane. At the point of creation, every single consciousness that’s sent down to the physical plane starts as two parts, a divine feminine and a divine masculine. As the two parts descend through the planes they in half for each level it passes through until all the soul fragments reach the Physical plane. In total 128 soul fragments will come into the physical plan with one half masculine and on half feminine.

divineAfter a soul fragment is born into a human body it begins to search for its other parts and eventually pieces itself back together to make the original twin flames. As you go through life you will encounter thousands upon thousands of people, never knowing when you’ll meet you soul mate or twin flame. Many people believe luck is the only way to find the other pieces of your greater soul, but in truth you will always be connected to your other pieces. Your soul and intuition will guide you on your journey to find your twin flame, but be careful with whom you bond and let into your heart. Many people will find others who claim to be their soul mate or twin flame, but many times they are simply undeveloped soul who gravitate to a stronger soul who has found more of its parts. These are called Energy Vampires, because they will try to feed off of your life force and leave you exhausted, depressed, and without the will to look for your real twin flame.

What are Twin Flames?

Many people believe that twin flames and soul mates form the same type of connection, but they are entirely different entities and interact with each other on dissimilar psychic levels. Soul mates are soul fragments from the same entity as you, who have developed to the same level as you. Soul mates can be anyone from family members to friends and lovers, and they will be with you throughout your entire life. Finding your soul mate strengthens your soul and lifts you into a more developed level of consciousness.

Over lifetimes you will lift your consciousness by meeting and interacting with your soul mates. Once you reach a level where there’s only one masculine and one feminine soul left, you’ll be able to find your twin flame, complete your consciousness, and ascend into the next plane of existence. Twin flames feel a pull much stronger than soul mates do. They are unable to fully live their lives without meeting their other half and are connected so deeply when they do meet that they become inseparable.

Will I Ever Find My Twin Flame?

We live in an age where people no longer have to be together for survival or for safety. Love and deep-rooted emotional connections are able to bring souls together without any worry of physical harm. For the last 100 years or so, people have been finding their soul mates and ascending to the level of twin flames at an astonishing rate. Today, many people have reached the highest level of human consciousness and are looking for their twin flame. Chances are you’ll be able to find your twin flame in this lifetime and ascend to the next plane, as long as an energy vampire doesn’t waylay you.

What Does an Energy Vampire Want?

It’s important to remember that the majority of energy vampires do not want to hurt you. They possess a frightened, underdeveloped soul that clings onto your psychic aura and uses your energy to make itself more powerful. There are some malevolent souls who suck people down to their original fragmented form, but usually energy vampires absorb your life force until you are on the same level as they are. Their decision is made unconsciously and is beyond the control of the person doing it. Being drained by an energy vampire can set back your soul’s development by hundreds of years, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Signs You’re With an Energy Vampire

Most energy vampires come disguised as your twin flame, which is why they’re often called a false twin flame, and it can be hard to distinguish between false twin flames and the real deal. These are a few signs that you’re dealing with an energy vampire and not the final piece of your greater soul:

  • You obsess over them and have overpowering sexual feelings, but you feel nervous talking to them or being in their presence
  • They distance themselves from you and never fully become comfortable with you
  • They try to manipulate you to get what they want
  • After being with them you feel emotionally drained, worried, or tired
  • They won’t look you in the eye for an extended period of time
  • They start fights with you and leave you in a confused state

Escaping an Energy Vampire

If you see any of these signs in someone who claims to be your twin flame, break contact with them as soon as you can. The only way to stop an energy vampire is to get as far away from them as you can. You need to break away from them and then distance yourself as much as possible.

If you are unsure you’re dealing with such a creature, please consult a love psychic.

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