Free Psychic Readings vs Paid Readings

Psychic readings are a great way to find out more about yourself and even to find out what to expect from your future. A good psychic should be able to read important events in your future, answer your questions and give you some useful tools that will help you understand your personality traits or even find your soul mate.

Some psychics offer free readings to display their skills. A free reading usually lasts for a few minutes, usually long enough for the psychic to answer one specific question. On the other hand, a paid reading should last at least half an hour and the psychic should answer several questions or simply tell you everything they are able to see.

What answers do you seek? Determine this beforehand!

It is important to determine what you expect from a psychic reading. If you need an answer to only one question, a free reading could satisfy you. If you want more information, for instance a comprehensive horoscope, some details about your future or even some answers about your love life, you need to find a psychic who offers quality paid readings.You can either meet with a psychic who works in your area or get in touch with a psychic who offers readings over the Internet. Do plenty of research to make sure you select a reliable psychic. You should know that some online psychic services are actually scams, which is why you need to check reviews first and make sure you choose a site with an excellent reputation.

How to go about a Free Clairvoyant Reading

If you decide to ask a free question to a psychic, do not share too much information about yourself. If an online psychic requires you to copy and paste your credit card information, you are probably dealing with a scam. Keep in mind that the psychics who offer free questions use this method to attract more customers. Don’t hesitate to pay for a complete reading if you are happy with the results. Free readings are a great opportunity to compare different psychics. It doesn’t matter if the consultation is done by phone, email or webcamchat, even though the ladder is the most comfortable one. Psychics who offer free readings are usually very careful not to reveal too much information to get customers interested in a paid reading. You can however ask free questions to several psychics so you can compare the results and get an idea of which professionals are the most talented.

Learn more about a psychic and the methods they use before you send them a free question or consider spending money on a reading. You need to make sure that they have enough experience and that their approach corresponds to your expectations. Try finding a psychic who studied different methods so they can give you a more comprehensive reading.

If you want to ask a free question, you need to think about your question carefully. Try finding a question that will be useful to you and give you an idea of how talented a psychic is. Keep in mind that you will get better results if you can provide the psychic with a few details. Don’t expect psychics to go over long paragraphs filled with details to answer a free question and try going straight to the point instead.

Paid or Premium Psychic Readings: What you need to know!

freevspaidIf you decide to spend money on a reading, prepare your questions in advance so you do not forget anything. Provide your psychic with all the details they ask for to help them find important events in your future. You can expect to get a lot more details from a paid reading and to be able to ask plenty of questions.
Make sure you fully understand the services provided before you contact a psychic. Whether you ask a free question or spend money on a longer reading, you need to find out what can be expected from the psychic you are contacting. Some psychics will for instance let customers know that they are willing to spend a specific amount of time to answer a free questions. If you are interested in paid readings, find out how much the psychic will charge you for half an hour or for an hour.

Your expectations are KEY!

It is important to approach psychic readings with realistic expectations. Psychics can usually make some predictions about the future, answer your questions and help you better understand your personality, for instance through a horoscope. A psychic can help you improve your love life or make the right decisions for your career but you cannot expect a psychic to solve all your problems. The predictions made by a psychic might not even come true since the future is not set in stone. Knowing about a possibility can cause you to make very different decisions and therefore change your future. Ask yourself whether or not you are ready to spend money on a psychic reading or want to see how talented a psychic is by sending a free question first. Learn more about different psychics before you choose one and try approaching the reading with realistic expectations. Don’t forget that it is all about making the connection. In my opinion, you can get fantastic results from an online psychic, but you may want to read my writeup titled: Online vs Storefront Psychics


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