The Healing Powers of Rose Quarz – The Love Crystal!

If you have ever done hands-on healing, you may be aware of how important crystals are to your ability to heal others or even yourself. Crystals are used in many aspects of our life, from radios to televisions, and most consumer electronic products. Their ability to receive a radio signal, convert that to electricity, which is then recalibrated into the voices that you hear on the airwaves is just one of the many magical qualities that quartz crystals have. In regard to healing, one of the best tools that you can have in your arsenal is Rose Quartz. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing powers of Rose Quartz, and why it is so beneficial for those that practice hands-on healing.

What Is Rose Quartz?

rose-quartzQuartz is a type of crystal that is popular with healers today. Specifically, rose quartz crystals have many metaphysical properties related to the art of healing. It is representative of unconditional love, something that is essential whenever you do any type of healing. It has a very soft feminine energy, and is representative of frequencies of peace and compassion. It is directly connected to the heart chakra, and is excellent at dissolving negative feelings and emotional wounds. You can actually inspire people to have a deep sense of personal commitment toward something they may be afraid of doing, or even feel content about their life, something that may be causing them pain every day. In essence, when you use Rose Quartz, you’re amplifying your own compassion toward this other individual, bringing their energy into balance, and thus helping them to heal.

History Regarding Rose Quartz

For centuries, Rose Quartz has been revered as an excellent crystal when it comes to relationships and love. It is a crystal that can inspire connections between not only those that you love personally, but in the sense of community and groups. It is also a crystal that can help you connect with higher frequencies that the earth is emitting, as well as what is frequencies throughout the universe. It connects us to the divine power, that which works through us in order to work miracles. Therefore, in the same way that quartz crystals are used to amplify the frequencies that we use today with electronic gadgets of every kind, Rose Quartz taps us directly into our heart chakra, allows us to resonate with the divine power of love, and amplify our ability to do healing.

Benefits Of Using Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz can be used to do a wide variety of healings, from physical ailments to emotional duress. It is also helpful in inspiring those that have not dreamt for years to start to dream once again. Anyone that is suffering from grief as a result of losing a loved one that they have had for many years may start to find a sense of contentment, allowing them to reconnect with the love that they felt with this other person by tapping into the infinite power of the universe.

Emotional Healing With The Energy Of A Rose Quartz

Many shamans agree with the concept that healing begins outside of the physical realm. The way that we tap into the realm of magic, especially with healing, is through our emotions. Although we must get out of the way, and that the cosmic divine power run through us so that the healing may occur, its ability to heal those that are emotionally suffering is what also makes it so effective with physical healings. By attenuating yourself to emotions of love, peace, and happiness, we are attenuating with the energy from which all things came. Therefore, Rose Quartz becomes a conduit for this energy, amplified through its crystal structure, allowing us to be a vessel through which this energy can permeate. It’s also very beneficial for balancing all of the chakras of our body because it is most closely related to the heart chakra. This central location allows us to move outward to the upper and lower chakras, resonating with them, and helping them to find balance once again.

To summarize …

The benefits of using Rose Quartz are great, but specifically in regard to healing, it is an excellent crystal that must be used if you truly want to amplify your ability to help others. Hopefully this information will inspire you to use Rose Quartz the next time that you decide to do a healing, allowing you to see how absolutely astounding this crystal can be for healing others, and also finding peace and harmony in our lives.

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