The History of the Twin Flame Prayer

You may have seen people talking about something called the twin flame prayer. Just what is this prayer? There are actually a number of different prayers, but they all have the same purpose.

Introduction to Twin Souls

People who use the twin flame prayer believe there is a certain person who will fit them perfectly. It’s similar to the concept of a soulmate.
They believe that when God creates a person, he begins with a circle of light. The light is then split into two spheres. Souls are then created from each sphere. The person created from the other sphere is considered to be your “twin flame”.

Because your twin flame is made from the same light as you, you share similarities you won’t find in anyone else. You’ll be able to connect on a deeper level, and you’ll be able to have a richer and more satisfying love life. People who believe in the concept of a twin flame believe your soul yearns to be reunited with its other half. Although they believe you are capable of loving other people, they think that there will always be a part of you that longs for your other half. They also believe that God intends for twin flames to be together.

They believe that twin flames are separated because of negative relationships with God. They believe that when you disobey God or stray from the path that God wants for you, you are pulled away from your twin flame. When you are separated from God, you are separated from your twin flame as well.

Adam & Eve: The first primary Soulmates ?!

The story of Adam and Even found in Genesis shares similarities to the twin flames concept. Because Adam and Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit, they were denied certain things. People who believe in twin flames believe that when our actions don’t line up with what God wants in our lives, we are choosing to be separated from our soulmates. Only when you are in harmony with God can you and your twin flame be reunited.

You can see tales that parallel the twin flame concept throughout history. For example, in the opera Madame Butterfly, two loves are separated because of betrayal. Romeo and Juliet were instantly drawn together, but were ultimately separated because of the hatred that surrounded them. Many people believe in something similar to the twin flame concept even if they’ve never heard the term.

While many people want to be with their soulmate, few people focus on the plan God has for the two of them. This is also something that can keep the pair separate. Rather than focusing on finding their true love, twin flame believers think that your focus should be on becoming whole and fulfilling God’s plans for you.

Because of this, people seek out prayers that will help them become whole with God. When people are whole with God, they will naturally be drawn towards their twin flame. Because a person and their twin flame share so much, they will often be seeking wholeness with God at the same time.


If you are interested in using a twin flame prayer, you should make becoming whole with God a focus of your prayer. You should also talk about fulfilling his divine plan. You can use a pre-existing prayer, or come up with a prayer on your own. However, you shouldn’t use the twin flame prayer for selfish reasons. Your words should be honest, and your focus should truly be on becoming whole with God.

If you’re struggling with your feelings you may want to try meditation. Some believe that meditating can connect you and your twin flame on a spiritual level even if the two of you are far apart. Meditating will also help you work out your feelings towards God.

Praying to God and becoming whole with God can bring you peace with or without your twin flame. Trusting in God’s plan for you can take you to a better place even if you don’t have love in your life. Don’t use a twin flame prayer for the purpose of romance alone. Only use it if you truly want the things that it will bring to you.

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