Why Love Spells Aren’t Always A Good Idea!

Thinking about casting a love spell? Love Spells must be the most often used magick in the world. We might dabble in popular spells to kick bad habits, good luck spells, spells to remove a hex, luck money spells, or a simple wishing spell. Those are all popular, but at one time or another we all long to find that special someone. It’s natural that we’d think about using all the powers we could muster to draw them to us.

Love spells aren’t always about you, either. Perhaps you’ve noticed two people at work who you can just tell are made for one another, but they’re painfully shy and might never get together. Casting a love spell on them both might bring them together, and without a nudge they might never discover their feelings for one another.

Love Spells Are Often Forbidden

Love spells of any kind are considered taboo by many people for a reason. We believe in free will, and forcing someone to love you could lead to a kind of slavery. You might find the feeling of ensnaring some into love bondage to be titillating, but is it fair to the other person? Love spells that are sent out to find your soul mate and bring them to you are different. With those, you’re putting your energy out in the world where it might find someone that’s right for you. It’s not meant to be a trap, but more like a lighthouse that guides unsteady travelers through a fog. Magick is often like that. Your energy is given as much as you expect to get things in return.

If someone is drawn to you by your use of a powerful Love Spell, in a weird way you own them. You now have a responsibility towards them. They did not ask to be drawn to you. In fact they must have ignored you at first, and that’s what made you use your magick on them. You used a Love Spell deliberately to not let them have any say in the matter.

Love Spell Gone Wrong

spell-bookNow you’ve made someone fall in love with you. It could go badly in two different ways. You didn’t get to know this person well enough to get them to notice you in the first place. What if you find out after they’ve fallen for you that you don’t feel as strongly as you thought you would when you drew them to you? Now they’re in love with you, and you don’t want them any more. The situation is reversed! And you’ve done it to yourself.


Special Tip: After casting your spell, look for twin flame synchronicities!


Love spells are very powerful, and they are invoked in the name of the most powerful goddesses: Venus, Freya, or Aphrodite. Aphrodite is such a complex and mischievous figure. Like all the goddesses, she likes to toy with the feelings of humans that dare call her name. When you put a Love Spell on another person, invoking Aphrodite’s powerful charms, what if instead of making the target fall for you, she puts the spell back on you? How would you know the difference if you fell out of love with the object of your desire, and they still wanted you?

So many bad things can befall the practitioner of a Love Spell, more even than the object of the affection. We all want love, and think that love will make us happy, but love must be given freely or it’s not love, and can never be love. It’s like an arranged marriage. It’s not impossible for love to spring from that situation, but would you ever trust that it’s real? You would never know, and it would haunt you.

St. Agnes Eve Love Spell

Use your energy to bring a true love to you by respecting the power that you have. Try using an open-ended Love Spell to find your soul mate without worrying if they really love you. We suggest a binding or braiding spell, designed to make your true love declare themselves to you. Most powerful if used on St. Agnes Eve, on January 20th.

The story of St. Agnes is very old, and there are many versions of it. St. Agnes is a Catholic Saint, but the traditions that accompany it go back to the Druids. Young Scottish ladies would sneak out of their houses at midnight, throw a handful of grain onto the dormant soil, and chant, Agnes sweet and Agnes fair. Let me see, the lad whom will marry me.

Other rituals would increase the potency of the spell, including putting sprigs of thyme and rosemary on either side of your bed, eating a yokeless boiled egg filled with salt, so that your love will bring you water in your dreams; walking backward without looking into bed; or by making a Dumb Cake, and bringing it to bed. A Dumb Cake is made from flour, water, salt and sugar, and it must be made in absolute silence. The recipe says that two must make it, two must bake it, and two must break it, but never speak. If each puts a piece of the dumb cake under their pillow, they will receive a vision of their future husband. Try it!

Or simply ask an expert (a love psychic) to help you.

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