Psychic networks are websites that provide professional counselling or readings by psychic advisors. One such site is Oranum. Oranum is the first global esoteric portal with free chat that connects the person seeking advice to the world’s well renowned psychics.

Who founded this company? How long are they in business?Oranum has been successfully providing readings from their hometown Poland for many years. It is lately that they ventured into the US market. In the year 2010 they decided to expand their network in United States but officially they opened their doors to US customers in 2011. They are the first and only web cam based psychic service. More than 2,000,000 people have benefitted from the counseling taken from Oranum psychics.

Who does Oranum employ?

People with extra sensory perception (ESP) or strong intuitive power are enrolled as psychics at Oranum. They are people who are either born with such gifts or had developed it later. Such metaphysical gifts commonly run in families too in which case the psychic acquire it or inherit it naturallyOranum’s psychic screening test is quite strict. Psychics undergo a thorough screening process before they can begin giving readings to customers. Two things the company emphasizes on while selecting psychics are: strong spiritual abilities and a desire to help. It is all to ensure that the customers get the best guidance.

A master at online readings ?

Oranum provides Internet based psychic readings using state of the art technology. Readings are availed through e-mail, chat and web cam. It is the only site that does not offer readings through telephone. Web cam is the more popular device. Web cam offers live chat which allows the customer and the advisor to see each other and converse freely. Availing reading through web cam makes it a more personal and intimate conversation. In the absence of web cam, one can use chat box or a microphone to communicate.

Which Advisor are you seeking?

Oranum reviews hundreds of psychic profiles daily to select the most gifted psychic in all methods of esoteric. The psychics are specialist in- love and relationship reading, life questions, tarot, astrology, numerology, dream analysis, pet psychics, healers, clairvoyants- you name it. Oranum has specialist in every field. Some are in the profession for more than 10 to 20 years so their readings are found to be highly accurate and reliable making them a personal favorite. Psychics have helped hundreds of thousands of advisee with their expert counseling. 99% of Oranum members are satisfied.

Is this easy to use?

The platform is very easy to use. All you need is a keyboard to be able to forward your question to the psychic and in turn will be able to see or hear the expert. You can use the two-way audio or video functions.Log on the site and select your preferred psychic advisor based on the field you wish to seek guidance on. Their price rate is clearly mentioned along with their virtual image.

You can easily communicate through web cam or video chat. Press the respective tab and the conversation will begin. In the absence of webcam, one can ask and receive answers by typing them in chat box. In order to start the counseling click ‘start consultation’ on the psychics page and the private psychic reading will begin. One can communicate through any device of choice: web cam, microphone or type.

Paid & Free Chats, Payment Modalities

Oranum psychics have varied counseling rate. They quote price based on their expertise and accuracy. On logging on the home page, one can view the price of the psychics mentioned adjacent to their virtual image.Oranum follows a unique method. It offers unlimited free chat to their members before a private consultation as they follow a code of ethics of not charging their customers unnecessarily. After a free registration, one gets unlimited access to free chat area where the person can reveal his/her problem to the chosen psychic.Only when the prospective customer is satisfied with the conversation and everything is set for reading, that payment starts for the ‘paid, live or private consultation.’

There are no special discounts or free minute for new users except for the fact that customers can chat with the psychic for free prior to paying for their services. The company offers several promotional codes, Oranum.com coupon codes as well. At one time the company offered three types of promotions all of which ended in free Oranum credits or a free VIP reading. One can also earn credits by leaving a positive review on the Oranum app on Android or Apple devices.
Offers for free VIP reading with one of their best psychics on the network and a chance to win 9.99 credits each month are regular. You this save more of you use the platform more. Given the quality of the psychics there you might just want to head this way.

If on any day one feels that he/she cannot relate to the answers offered by the psychic, then they can move on to a different psychic without having to worry about fees.

With 100% safe online credit card payment and a money back policy, every customer is guaranteed satisfaction.

My Opinion

Visit Oranum.com to know yourself better and feel confident and empowered about your future.Oranum is one of the best in psychic counseling. With such highly specialized and competent psychics the satisfaction is guaranteed. Alternatively, you may check out keen psychics.

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