Signs Of A Twin Flame

There has been a theme throughout the ages that comes from the concept that somewhere in the world there is another half of ourselves, and without meeting that other person, we are incomplete. This has been a concept for thousands of years, going back to ancient Egypt and the Greek philosopher, Plato.

The concept states that we were once whole, but we were divided in two, so we lead our lives unhappy and yearning to be reunited with the other half of ourselves. Once this occurs, our lives are complete, and we can spend a true and happy life on a telepathic basis with this very special individual. This other person is called a Twin Flame.

Is he / she my Twin flame ?

  • When you meet your Twin Flame, your eyes will meet and you will both recognize each other in a very special way, even though you each have never seen each other. Their voice and their laugh will even sound familiar.
  • After you meet you will both feel a very powerful and strong bond with one another, stronger than you have ever felt with anyone. The bond can be physical, but the feeling goes way beyond that, as it is a love to the extreme core of one another.
  • The meeting usually occurs under unusual circumstances or even coincidences, as you both may be involved, or in the process of doing something that you ordinarily would not be doing.
  • Twin Flames frequently experience that they know what the other person is thinking, even when they are not together and are far apart physically. Just a look between the two of you will say so much, even though you have no idea why.
  • A very common trait among Twin Flames is that they begin to notice new things and traits about themselves and their environment, and they begin to be very positive about life.

Twin Flames NEED to be together!

twin-flameTwin Flames find that they can get together and talk with each other for hours and hours, and time seems to melt away during these sessions. There are no barriers between the two, and the relationship is perfectly honest and open. The feeling between the two Twin Flames is that this is a level of friendship that transcends anything that they have ever experienced before.

Sexual activity is the best that they have ever experienced, and not only is it good, but it takes on an almost spiritual aspect, almost a religious rite that expresses an astounding love for one another, in such a way that they have never before experienced.

There is a sense of completeness that is very powerful and bonding. It is a lasting feeling that the two people feel can never be destroyed or changed by anything. They continually grow closer and closer, becoming more like one person, yet they are able to keep their own identities, but only for the purpose of enhancing their oneness. Each person respects the individuality of the other, which serves to enhance and strengthen the relationship.

The Twin Flames have an attitude that together they can accomplish anything, and nothing can stand in their way. Any project, achievement, goal or objective is attainable, if they but go at it together, because they feel so powerful and capable of accomplishment.

When Twin Flames look into each other’s eyes, it is like they can read each other’s minds. It is so revealing and special, that they can spend hours together without compromise because the relationship is so open and honest.

The Twin Flames keep nothing from each other, revealing everything about themselves and their lives. The level of trust is extraordinary in its frankness and honesty. There are no secrets when Twin Flames get together because secrets would hold back the relationship and thwart the honesty that is so important to the relationship.

Twin Flames have such a unique relationship, that they will take great pains to guard it and protect it, to the point of great sacrifice, and yet it strengthens over time to the point of overcoming nearly all obstacles in life.

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