The Spiritual Dimension of the Kama Sutra

kama-sutraBelieve it or not, the Kama Sutra is thousands and thousands of years old – would the actual ideas and concepts behind this legendary book being even older than that!

Sure, some modern versions of the Kama Sutra have ended up looking a bit like Hugh Hefner ran the publication and even spotted the photographers a couple of his girls, but there are a number of very serious and very powerful spiritual undertones layered beneath each and every one of the sexual positions outlined in the Kama Sutra.

Sometimes in our modern world we forget about the importance of sex in humanity’s history, and forget completely about just how powerful, transformative, and magical that this entire experience is.

Obviously there is something to be sent about a wild one night stand, a crazy experience that feels fantastic (melt your face good, to be more specific), and trying to be the best lover that you can – but forgetting about of the rocksolid foundation of all this is only going to cheapen the thrill.

Hopefully by the time you’re done with this quick guide you have a better understanding of the spiritual dimensions of the Kama Sutra, and come away with a couple of ideas that you can weave into your own sex life moving forward!

Shall we dive right in?

Sexual energy is our most primal energy

For most of our history, we’ve had a bit of a difficult time reconciling our sexuality, our sexual drive, and the pure enjoyment that we get out of having sex with our more modern idea of how we should behave, how we should restrain ourselves, and how we should struggle and strive to conquer all of our sexual desires.

Well, that’s probably the lasting we would ever want to do – and there are a nearly unlimited amount of reasons why trying to do so is so destructive to who we are as people.

Once we begin to embrace our sexual energy as the most powerful and potent of all our primal energies (like the way that the Kama Sutra teaches), we are ready to unleash and share every single bit of our being with those that we have sex with.

This is when things really start to get a little bit weird, a little bit wild, and a little bit “out there” as far as a spiritual connection is concerned. All of a sudden objects, goals, and even individual personality falls by the wayside while having sex, and energy is just flying all over the place.

Well, energy and limbs – especially if you’ve studied up on the Kama Sutra.

Sexual energy is our most creative energy

The greatest creators in the world (true legends in each field) have long understood the power behind sexual energy, it’s ebb and flow, and the connection that real dimensional lives creativity has with sexual energy.

Some of the greatest masters throughout history have been able to control and harness their sexual energy (to some degree) and build up wave after wave after wave – of peaks as well as valleys – to really create incredible things and masterpieces that we still recognize and stand in awe of today.

The Kama Sutra is a guidebook, not a textbook

The biggest mistake people make when reading the Kama Sutra is trying to use it as some sort of textbook for sexual positions and sexual activity – some kind of “step-by-step guide” to becoming a master lover.

Sure, there’s a bit of that in some of the Kama Sutra, but most of it has to do with being a guidebook towards channeling all of your energy into this magical instant, this magical moment, and this powerful experience – and getting just as much out of it as you could possibly put into it.

When you begin to look at the Kama Sutra through this lens, the spiritual lessons begin to shine through, and all of a sudden the rest of the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. Sex will be more pleasurable, you’ll last longer and be a better lover, and everything will feel completely and totally effortless – because you finally see it.

It’s a bit like stepping into The Matrix.

The big lesson is to embrace change, intimacy, creativity, excitement, and imagination during sex

Though the major lessons that everyone gets out of the Karma Sutra are completely and differently unique to everyone that reads it, the big over arcing lesson that is to be learned from the entire experience is to embrace change, cozy up to intimacy, unlock creativity, try to bring as much excitement as possible, and to use your imagination during sex.

That’s when things really start to get uncontrollably pleasurable, and when you are going to finally see everything that sex can really be – no holds barred, completely free and unencumbered, and maybe the wildest thing you’ve ever experienced.


PS: Best enjoyed with your twin flame

PPS: Do not feel afraid to ask a love psychic for advice!

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