Tea Leaf Readings: Tapping into Your Spirituality One Cup at a Time!

With the summer solstice having just passed with the longest day of the year, we’re now into the luxurious days of summer where we can relax, come out of hibernation from the long, brutal winter and allow the sun to warm and soothe our souls. It’s a sure bet that over the winter, you spent many a chilly or snowy evening huddled in front of a fire sipping a cup of chamomile tea, guaranteed to chase the chill away and melt the stresses of the day . Perhaps you also took some time to meditate or practice yoga. Speaking of souls and tea, there isn’t a better combination than tea leaves and oracles to create the perfect scenario and let your mind drift to the spiritual side. Tea leaf readings and a DIY oracle are excellent ways to tap into your creative and spiritual side.


Unlock Your Soul and Open Your Mind

cup of teaIf you’re new to tea leaf readings and oracles, you’ll find that there is there is no better way to energize and rejuvenate you than to allow your mind to wander into spirituality, insight and intuition, in addition to tapping into your natural psychic ability and creativity. With practice, it is possible to receive accurate information from tea leaf oracles. But how do you do create this aura, environment and backdrop if the only things you know are that you enjoy the comfort of tea and believe there is a spirit of divine intervention waiting to unlock your soul and provide with you potential answers you seek about your life?


Imagination, Intuition and Creativity Await Your Next Sip

Wikipedia defines the art of tea leaf readings as Tasseography (tassology or tasseomancy) as a fortune-telling or divination method that interprets patterns in coffee grounds, tea leaves, or wine sediments.The term is derived from the word tasse (cup) in French, the Greek suffixes -graph (writing), -logy (study of), and -mancy (divination), and the cognate Arabic word tassa.Divination attempts to gain insight into the natural world through intuitive interpretation of synchronistic events. We’re just going to focus on tea leaves in this article. To put that in laymen’s terms, believers in this method of fortune telling and spirituality should consider the teacup as the window to another world that taps into your insight and intuition. So how is this done? It’s less complicated than you think. Brewing a proper cup of tea is the first step. Then you must understand the “map of the cup” and string the symbols together found in the tea leaves that tell the story for insight and clarity into key points in your life.


The Art of Tea Leaf Reading

The website angels.about.com is an excellent site where you can find out how to correctly read tea leaves and attract the angels that speak to you though the leaf reading. Here is a brief overview and “how to” segment on getting started. For a more in-depth description, visit sites like angels.about.com or tarotinateacup.com or use your favorite search engine to find other websites about tea leaf readings and oracles.



  • First, you must prepare a cup of loose leaf tea. Loose leaf teas can be found at most grocery or health food stores in addition to metaphysical shops and gift shops. It doesn’t matter which type you choose, as long as it is loose leaf. If you have a favorite tea cup, use it or you can purchase one with divination symbols in it at a metaphysical shop if you feel that will help you better interpret the tea leaf patterns.


  • If you have a guardian angel you make regular contact with, pick up the cup and swirl it around while praying to them. If you are new to tea leaf readings, you may want to research angels or think of someone special in your life who has passed on and use them as your point of contact. First pray to them and then ask your angel specific questions and ask for guidance about your future and ask them to answer in the form of a specific symbol in the tea leaves that would provide great meaning to you.



  • Next, place your cup on a flat, solid surface like a table. Once the tea leaves have settled in the cup, take a careful look at them to see if they have any significant symbolic meaning to you. Reflect on any recent dreams you may have had both while awake and asleep. If you see the same symbol in the cup as you’ve seen in your dreams, it could be your angel connecting with you. For example, tea leaves that form in a circle could mean you are about to complete something in your life that up to this point has gone unfinished.


  • Once the tea leaves have settled and you have seen symbols, meditate or pray to your angel for clarity so you can fully comprehend the symbolism you have just seen so you will know how to respond to it and apply it to your life.


A Calm Mind is an Open Mind

There is no specific science to tea leaf reading. It is defined as an art rather than a science. While there is no universal alphabet or calendar to translate leaf patterns, it all boils down to your personal interpretation of them and what you need at that specific time in your life. Taking messages from the tea leaves combined with tapping into your intuition and creativity may help you answer a question you’ve been pondering. Combining regular tea leaf readings with daily yoga practice, and meditation are ways to help keep your mind, body and spirit calm and open and allow the universe to work its magic so you can maintain the peace you need to move forward in life.

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