The Meaning of Angel Numbers

As Pythagoras once said, “Numbers rule the universe.” Throughout his life and long after his death, scientists and science continue to prove the truth in this statement. There are repeating patterns all around us, in geometry, sound, the measurements of celestial bodies, as well as the countless realms in the scientific world. While there is no clear indication of the history of numerology, historical records show its use in the Egyptian and the Babylonian times.

What are angel numbers and why do they matter?

Angel numbers are a way for your guardian angels to communicate to you. Do you believe in the existence of angels? How about a belief that there is a higher being that protects you from danger, guiding your path? Well, while this article isn’t meant to convince you about your beliefs and misbeliefs, we are going to describe the meaning of angel numbers.

Since angels don’t exist in physical form, they deliver messages through specific numbers or number sequences. Seeing angel numbers is one of the signs of angelic realm and a means of angelic guidance. Do you find yourself looking at your watch/ clock at the same time every day, getting the same balance at the grocery store or driving behind a car whose number plates have the same sequence all the time? Well, that that is a sign of angels around you, and you should start listening to that universal language.

How do angel numbers work?

Through the extraordinary coincidences and concurrences, it is clear that numeric designs are the foundation of the universe and that, there is a precise balance in everything. Also, like everything else in the universe, numbers carry energetic vibrations. So, when you keep seeing the same numbers at the right time, that is a way your angels are calling you to explore the vibrational significance of those numbers. In a way, the celestial beings use the numbers to give you a gentle nudge. All you have to do is to quiet your mind, reflect on the numbers and find their meaning, purpose and the message they carry.

Sometimes, angels will answer your prayers via direct intervention offering a solution, heal miraculously, or guide you but the use of angel numbers is the subtle approach used by the angels.

Remember that seeing angel numbers is a friendly reminder for you to get into a meditative state and to lift your vibration so that it connects to the higher level of guidance from the angels.

Your angels give you deliberate nudges to identify the time continuously until you notice that occurrence or become aware of the number. Like most of us, you will most likely go to Google to find the meaning of the numbers.

Unless you understand the meaning of the numbers, you won’t be able to link them together to determine their meanings.

Meaning of angel numbers

Wherever you are, you will come across multiple opportunities to see your angel numbers. To understand your meaning, here is a guide to the meanings of the numbers.

0 – this is a sign that divine guidance is available to your now in its unlimited flow. You have to increase your awareness to receive divine guidance and the reassurance that is available now.

1 – Stay positive. You should think about and place your focus on what you want rather than what you dislike, fear or worry about. Know that your thoughts create.

2 – All is well. You need to stay optimistic that you have a positive outcome aligned. That way, you will draw it towards you. Just keep the faith.

3 – The ascended masters are with you. They are helping you and guiding you through the realms of the spirit. You just need to be aware of their presence and love.

4 – The angels are with you. All you have to do is to ask for their help continually and to know that you have access to angelic guidance and healing as well as assistance at that moment.

5 – Change is in the air. Seeing 5 multiple times means that you should call upon your angles for help in manifesting new and positive changes in your life.

6 – Find the balance between material and spirituality because worrying about money is only counter-productive. All you have to do is to call on your angels to help you ease the fear.

7 – If you keep seeing this number then it means that you are on track and are aligned with luck plus divine magic. You should look for open doors and new opportunities opening up for you right now.

8 – Prosperity and infinite abundance are available to you in all areas but more importantly to help you accomplish your purpose.

9 – It’s time to take action and to get started. Seeing 9 everywhere means that you’ve got everything you need to accomplish your soul’s purpose and to step into the completing your light work.

11 – Honor your intuition, it’s right. You need to keep your thoughts in alignment with your intentions and dreams for the future as you release any nervous energy and doubt into the light. 11 is an important and a powerful number of dreams, intuitive illumination, plus connection with the spirit.

22 – Your prayers/ desires of your heart have been heard, and the angels are working to manifest your dreams into reality. In short, success is in the air for you, and you should be patient, aware and present as you take inspired action to build your dreams.

How can you combine angel numbers and how does that change their meaning?

The trick with angel numbers is that they aren’t always identical and you may not always see triple, double, or quadruple numbers. You may also note that you only see a series of combined numbers. The big question is, how do you derive meaning from the combined numbers?

If you keep seeing combined numbers, you have to look at every digit. Consider the meaning of every digit and their vibration then combine them to get the number’s cohesive significance. For example, 317 – 3 means that your angels love and guide you, 1 means keeping your thoughts positive, and 7 means that divine fortune is on its way. Simply put, the message in the number is this, we are here, and you’re loved. Keep your chin up because your dreams are coming true.

Another interpretation of combined numbers involves summing up the digits in a solitary digit. The exception to this rule is when you get 11 or 22 as the sum of the combined digits because these numbers have their unique meaning. 11 or 22 are called master numbers.


To decipher the meaning and the message in the numbers, you require quiet focus, communion and spiritual attunement with your guiding angel.

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