The Top 5 Mistakes you can make during a Psychic Reading!

psychic-readingEach and every year, millions of people visit a psychic and have their fortunes read and communicate directly with the spiritual world.

Many of these have a lot of fun doing so, but a few (not too terribly many, but certainly enough to cause a “blip” on the radar) and of having a terrible time – and also end up blaming the psychic in the process.

Unfortunately, most of these people would do well to look in the mirror before they begin pointing their fingers about a negative experience, and instead try to see if they made any of the five major mistakes outlined below when it comes to these kinds of readings.

You have to understand (before we get into the nitty-gritty) that each and every single time you speak with a psychic and ask them to use their “Gift” to help you are trying to commune directly with a level of spirituality and a completely different dimension that most of us would never have contact with otherwise.

Unless you are remaining as open as you can be about any and all possibilities, and go into this entire process with open eyes, and open heart, and an open mind, you’re going to end up disappointed with the results.

Avoid the five mistakes below, and you’ll have a lot of fun to your next psychic reading – and may even uncover answers that you weren’t expecting!

Mistake #1 – Going in with unrealistic expectations

A lot of people that try to debunk psychic reading end up asking foolish questions like “what are the next big lottery numbers” or “if you are psychic, then you can tell me who my great aunts brothers girlfriends dog’s name was”.

These kind of unrealistic expectations are going to taint any reading, and will end up resulting in you (and the psychic that you have seen) having a terrible time. Manage your expectations, understand that most psychic readings and messages from the spiritual world are hints, nudges, or bumps in the right direction, and you’ll have a lot more fun.

Mistake #2 – Looking for a very, very specific information

This goes hand in hand with the major mistake above of unrealistic expectations, and is certainly something that you are going to need to do your best to try and manage.

Again, remember that the spiritual world has little to no interest in holding your hand (or anyone’s hands, for that matter) when it comes to getting the biggest answers to life’s largest questions. Our entire life here in this physical realm is about learning, about overcoming challenges, and about expanding our consciousness as much is possible – and getting detailed answers from “those on the other side” would be little more than a shortcut, and we would not learn anything.

Mistake #3 – Ignoring the messages that you may not want to hear

This is a mistake that most people are guilty of without even knowing it, as it happens in our day to day lives as well as when we go to see the psychic.

Most people (or, more accurately, everyone) goes into specific situations with a set of preconceived notions and hopeful outcomes that they would like to have come true, including when they go to see the psychic.

And while there certainly is nothing wrong with having specific questions that you would like answered, bits and pieces of information that you were hoping to receive, or even just some hints to point you in the right direction, it’s critical that you do not ignore the messages that you receive that may not “line up” perfectly with those notions.

Sometimes psychics bear a bit of bad news from the other side, and it would be a mistake to avoid these warnings.

Mistake #4 – Jumping to conclusions

You’re going to want to try and remain as impartial about the information that you are receiving as possible, without assigning any judgment until you have had time to collect all of the information, really review it, and then begin to assign values to each and every single piece you received.

Hearing different triggers and then jumping to a conclusion is only going to cloud the room with preconceived notions, and a talented psychic may still struggle to fight beyond the subconscious messages you are putting out into a space and instead just related the messages that they are receiving from beyond.

Mistake #5 – Being closed minded about the experience

Finally, it’s critical that you try to remain open to anything and everything that you hear and experience while receiving a psychic reading. Now, obviously, you do not want to have such an open mind that your brain ends up falling out of your ears – but going into things closed minded is only going to result in a negative experience across the board.


If you want to learn more, read this guide, where i expand on it a bit more and look at it from the perspective of a love psychic.

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