Twin Flame Relationships: A Primer!

Have you ever gone out on a date with someone that you were really, really excited to meet and just have the overall experience feel kind of vanilla, kind of plain, kind of ho-hum by the end of the night?

You are nowhere near alone!

In fact, there are literally millions and millions of people out there that go on these kinds of dates every single day, wondering if they’re ever going to find that special someone that makes them want to move mountains for them just because they are there. However, those kinds of feelings are almost always sparked only by your Twin Flame – and they are a lot more difficult to find than you may have been led to believe.Check out the insider information below to give you just a bit more insight into Twin Flame relationships, how to spot them (and how to avoid fakes), how to avoid major problems with your Twin Flame, and how to fan those flames of passion so that they burn just as red-hot as humanly possible!
Ready to jump right in?

What exactly are Twin Flame relationships?

Twin Flames (also known as Twin Souls, or soul mates) are generally accepted to be your literal other half – the person that has been put on this planet to complete you, the perfect match and the perfect mate where everything just seems to come together all on its own, just because it was meant to be.
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about what Twin Flames are and what they are not, but at the end of the day those that believe in the Twin Flame concept are able to really “know it when they see it” more than describe exactly what it is in a logical or tangible kind of way.
When you have discovered your Twin Flame it hits you like a freight train and nothing is ever the same again.
You know it when it happens.

How rare are Twin Flame relationships?

Sadly, true Twin Flame relationships are considerably rarer than they probably should be for a number of different reasons.
For one, too many people out there are willing to (and almost eager to) settle for just about anyone that will give them a little bit of attention rather than search for their perfect other half – even if the rewards are far greater when you have come across your Twin Flame!
Human beings are a funny bunch.

Even when we know that there is a much, much better existence out there – and it is far easier to achieve if only we would put in the slightest bit of work – we settle for the “quick fix” nine times out of ten and end up down in the mud and muck because of it.
Hopefully you won’t get seduced by the allure of instant gratification, and will instead search for your Twin Flame.
It’s definitely worth it.

How to know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that you are in a Twin Flame relationship – and how to spot a false one!

You are going to know exactly when you have discovered your Twin Flame, because all of the emotions are going to wash over you and slam into you like a literal ton of bricks. You are going to feel a sense of calm wash right over you, while at the same time being ridiculously attracted to someone even before they open their mouths to speak to you for the very first time. On top of that, many of your early relationship stages are going to feel completely and totally effortless – almost like you know what the other person is thinking (because you really do)! Another way would be to simply ask a love psychic.

On the flipside, you have to be on the lookout for a false Twin Flame.

There are a lot of “almost perfect fits” out there, and these kinds of situations usually manifest themselves in the form of powerful infatuation and the Honeymoon Period that can last for six months to a year in the early stages of a brand-new relationship.
However, you’ll start to feel the light of that relationship fade over time in ways that your Twin Flame would never make you feel. Once you start to feel like the relationship is a lot more work on your end than it is for the other person, you know that you are looking at a false Twin Flame relationship.
What are the obvious signs and “symptoms” and that you are with a Twin Flame that you should be on the lookout for?

Obvious signs and symptoms of finding your Twin Flame include:
• An overwhelming sense of physical attraction that just makes you feel differently than with anyone else
• A real sense of clarity about a relationship that you have never had before
• The ability to know almost exactly what your partner is thinking, well before they have to explain anything at all
• The ability to really enjoy one another without feelings of extreme jealousy, without allowing ego to get in the way, and to just kind of be with one another in complete and total silence without awkwardness intruding into the interaction

Honestly though, those signs, signals, and symptoms of discovering your Twin Flame are just the tip of the iceberg.
Most of the signs and symptoms you’re going to feel are much more powerful and almost occur on an elemental level.
As mentioned above, everything is just kind of going to click for you when it happens, hitting you like the proverbial ton of bricks where everything just sort of makes sense and you can really go with the flow.

What kind of problems can a Twin Flame relationship cause in your life?

There are all kinds of dangers, pitfalls, trials, and tribulations that you are going to face a long your life journey with your Twin Flame, and it’s best that you prepare yourself for them ahead of time.

Because they are a perfect match and reflection of yourself, there are going to be times when you butt heads against one another. Passionate arguments are likely, and there is always the potential to drive them away because the line between love, anger, passion, and frustration is razor thin.
Make sure that you’re always doing everything you can to treat your Twin Flame with respect and love, and you won’t have anything to worry about!

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